Woody Woodpecker Goes To Camp parents guide: Netflix's slapstick film is made for kids

This live-action/animated hybrid film is ready-made for the family! We'll give you the breakdown of why you want to add it to your watchlist as soon as possible
Woody Woodpecker Goes To Camp
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The beloved animated character Woody the Woodpecker was created back in 1940 by Walter Lantz and storyboard artist Ben "Bugs" Hardaway... Sound familiar? Now, in 2024, screenwriters Cory Edwards, Jim Martin, Stephen Mazur, and director Jonathan A. Rosenbaum are bringing another feature-length film to the franchise!

The film is produced by Universal 1440 Entertainment in co-production with Universal Animation Studios. Woody Woodpecker Goes To Camp premiered on Apr. 12, 2024 on Netflix, which means it's available to watch right now!

For some background, Woody Woodpecker Goes To Camp serves as a sequel to the 2017 film Woody Woodpecker. This sequel film is focused on the film's namesake Woody the Woodpecker, who causes chaos at Camp Woo Hoo and is embroiled in a fight with convict, Buzz Buzzard. When an inspector arrives and threatens to shut down the camp. It's up to Woody to find a way to get the camp to stay open for the rest of the campers.

Woody the Woodpecker Goes to Camp, on the surface, sounds like it's made for kids. But as it's a live-action/animation hybrid... Is it? Here's what you need to know.

Woody Woodpecker Goes To Camp Parents Guide: Explaining The TV-PG Age Rating

The movie is rated TV-PG for "violence" on Netflix. But is it cartoon violence, or stronger? Read on to find out.

Sex & nudity: Other than Woody being nude -- he's a bird -- you won't find any sex or nudity in this film. It's as clean as can be when it comes to that.

Violence & gore: Most of the "violence," if you even want to call it that, in this film is centered around the use of slapstick and general cartoon violence. If you've seen any of the Warner Bros. cartoons of the past, you'll know that this includes, but is not limited to: falling on hard objects or the ground, crashing and burning, possibly unnecessary explosions, some teasing, and of course, who can forget the standard electrification

Language: You won't find any expletives in the dialogue but just be prepared for the majority of insult-driven lines like "moron," "jerk," "chump," "chuckleheads," "stupid," "dolt," "loudmouthed," "weirdos." You get the gist!

Drinking & Drugs: Another reason why you won't have to be hesitant to turn this on with young eyes watching is that drugs and drinking are non-existent in this film. That's right. If you were concerned about seeing liquor or smoking, you're in the clear!

Overall Verdict: What Age Is Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp Appropriate For?

This movie is FOR kids and is made for kids. Ages 10 and up can watch this and feel confident. Parents who watched Woody the Woodpecker growing up will find this film funny. There's a lot of silly and frankly, over-the-top humor in this. It's definitely worth watching with the whole family. The positive themes in the film include empathy, thinking about other people, working on a team, and taking responsibility for your actions. These are great lessons for both you and your kids to learn from! Young characters in the film are also seen discovering their self-worth. An added bonus! It's definitely worth the watch!

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