Why Coraline is a must-watch with the family at Halloween

Are you looking for a slightly scary movie to watch with the kids this Halloween? Coraline is a must-watch for all.
Coraline - Courtesy Fathom Events
Coraline - Courtesy Fathom Events /

There are so many great movies out there for the whole family when it comes to Halloween. You want something with a few scares, but you also want something with meaning. Coraline is the perfect example of that.

The movie itself follows a girl who has a wild imagination. She ends up in a world that is the ideal fantasy of her life at home—a life with her parents that is boring, frustrating, and lonely. Of course, she’s pulled into this fantasy at first. That is until she accepts that she doesn’t want to become a permanent part of that reality.

Coraline isn’t technically a Halloween movie. It doesn’t mention the season at all, but it is spine-tingling at times, and it’s great fun for the children. This is one that I watch every year with both of my kids, and it’s for more than just the basic story.

Coraline teaches us about the relationship between parents and children

This movie is great for adults and children to learn a few things. Coraline is fed up with the life that she has. She doesn’t like the lack of bond she has with her parents and fantasizes about a better life. As she goes through the fantasy world, she ends up realizing that she loves her parents and wants to be with them.

As parents, we can look at this to see all the flaws in what Coraline’s parents do. They work long hours, they don’t think about the full needs of this 11-year-old girl, and the mother can be on the mean side. We can learn more about what children need from us, creating a better relationship with our own children.

Plus, there’s the benefit of quality time with our children. We always need that, and watching movies that they love is a great way to gain that.

Coraline is currently available to stream on Max. It’s also available to buy on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, and more.

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