3 classic 'scary' movies to watch with the kids this Halloween

Looking for something to get the kids into a Halloween feeling? Here are three classic movies that add a little scare and a lot of fun.
Kathy Najimy as Mary Sanderson, Bette Midler as Winifred Sanderson, and Sarah Jessica Parker as
Kathy Najimy as Mary Sanderson, Bette Midler as Winifred Sanderson, and Sarah Jessica Parker as /

It’s almost Halloween, and you’ll want to get the kids into the season. This is a chance to introduce them to “scary” movies. Of course, you don’t want to give them nightmares, but you do want to give them thrills, so they’re excited as they do get older.

The great news is there are plenty of movies with light scares that are perfect for the whole family. Not sure where to start this weekend? We’ve got you covered.

I am skipping over the likes of The Nightmare Before Christmas and Gremlins as, technically, they are Christmas movies. At least, that’s the way I see them. Instead, it’s all about those with a Halloween or “scary” theme that is also fun for the younger members of the household.

3 light-scary movies for Halloween

Hocus Pocus

Of course, we have to start with the Disney movie Hocus Pocus. This one follows three witches from the 17th century who are executed as witches. They did kill Emily Binx and they did turn Zachary into a cat and forced him to live forever as that. So, I guess their charges were accurate, right?

They return to modern-day Salem, where they continue their attempt to gain immortality. Children will be entertained by talking cats, zombies who actually want to help the good guys, and Sarah Jessica Parker’s singing. Just watch out for the questions about what a virgin is.

Yes, there’s a sequel that is more than worth checking out, too.


Michael Keaton has had some brilliant roles, and one that stands out when it comes to “scares” is Beetlejuice. Say his name three times and he will turn up and cause havoc.

This movie is all about a deceased couple who find out that their home has been bought by an insufferable family. They want to get rid of the family, and that means calling on Beetlejuice to take care of the problem. However, things get a little out of hand.


There are some great animated movies out there. One that is on the slightly scary side is Coraline. It’s still perfect for children, and it actually comes with a lot of great lessons to learn.

Coraline finds a door in her house that takes her to a parallel version of her own home. In this world, she finds the perfect parents. They have buttons for eyes, but that’s just a small flaw, right? Well, what happens when the alternate family wants to make her a permanent fixture of their own? Can Coraline escape and help the other children she found out were taken decades ago?

Which “scary” movies are you watching with the family this Halloween?