Warm Bodies age rating: Is this a good horror movie for the kids?

There are some great horror movies of the past to watch with the family. What about Warm Bodies? Is this suitable for your children?

Premiere Of Summit Entertainment's "Warm Bodies" - Arrivals
Premiere Of Summit Entertainment's "Warm Bodies" - Arrivals / Albert L. Ortega/GettyImages

There are some great zombie movies out there. This Halloween, you probably want to watch one with your kids. Now it comes to finding something that is suitable for them, and you’ve come across Warm Bodies.

The movie stars Nicholas Hoult as R, a zombie who isn’t quite the zombie that you’re used to. Teresa Palmer stars as Julie, a human who ends up falling for R. Yes, this is more of a romantic movie within a horror setting, which arguably makes it a great option to watch with the teenagers in the house.

A terrible plague has hit the planet, and now the population is a mixture of humans and zombies. When zombies attack Julie, R saves her, and Julie immediately sees that he is nothing like the others. As their connection grows stronger, R becomes more and more human. Is there hope for their love story?

Warm Bodies age rating

The official age rating for this 2013 zombie movie is PG-13. This is great news for those who want to watch it with their children.

It is suitable for those 13 and above. Those under 13 could find it suitable with parental guidance. The PG-13 movies tend to be okay for eight and above when a parent is with them. This allows parents to explain some of the scarier elements of the story, and to understand what the children have watched before they go to bed.

There’s mild nudity and drug use. This is your typical YA movie. The worst of the lot is the violence, and even that is on the tame side.

You’ll know your children the best, though. They may not even be interested in a live-action horror movie at a young age. This is likely something you’ll watch with your teenagers instead.

Warm Bodies is available to stream on SYFY and NBC.com. You can also buy it on Digital from all your favorite retailers.