Does Trolls Band Together have an end credits scene?

Not all children want to sit through the credits, but they may want to with Trolls Band Together. It's all about the bonus footage after the credits roll.
Trolls: Band Together key art
Trolls: Band Together key art /

We know that it’s always worth sticking around for the credits. This is where we find out everyone who was involved in creating a movie, and we owe it to them to sit through the credits. That doesn’t mean the credits are all that interesting, though. Trying to get the younger kids to sit through the Trolls Band Together credits can be difficult.

So, you need to know if there’s a pay-off. Will there be any scenes throughout the credits to make them worth sitting through?

We have some great news for those who want more after the movie ends. Trolls 3 does in fact have not one but three end credit scenes.

What are the end credit scenes in Trolls Band Together?

Okay, there are spoilers for the scenes in Trolls Band Together and bits of the movie after this part. You’ve been warned.

The first scene takes place after the initial credits; you know, the fun ones! This moment has a fake-out proposal.

Branch is on stage with BroZone—the boyband with his brothers—when he gets down on one knee. He starts the question “Will you…?” but Poppy interjects. “Join the band? Of course I will.” And Poppy gets up on the stage to perform with the band. Viva also jumps up with Poppy.

Was Branch actually going to pop the question, though? That’s something you’ll want to watch the scene for to see the look on his face when Poppy jumps in with her ending to that question.

The second scene is with Tiny Diamond in therapy. He wants to know if the session is going to be covered by insurance, and Mr. Dinkles makes it clear that he’s out of the network.

You’ll then want to stick around to the very end of the credits for a final scene with Viva. She says “Oh wow, it’s like sunshine in my earholes.”

Trolls Band Together is now available in theaters.