Trolls Band Together parent guide: Is the movie suitable for kids?

Trolls Band Together is the third Trolls movie that you are definitely not going to want to miss. Is this for the whole family, though?
Trolls World Tour, photo courtesy Universal Pictures
Trolls World Tour, photo courtesy Universal Pictures /

Trolls Band Together will bring us another exciting story involving Poppy, Branch, and the rest of the Troll Kingdom. This is a fun adventure, with the promise of NSYNC performing together for the first time in years!

The movie gives us more backstory on Branch. We learn that he and his four brothers made up Poppy’s favorite band. They all went their separate ways, but now it’s time for Branch and three of them to come back together to find their missing brother. Floyd has been taken, and his fate is far worse than pop culture obscurity—and that is terrible for a boyband!

Of course, you’ll want to take the kids to the movies to see this one. The good news is that it is a PG-13 movie. That means it’s suitable for most ages.

Trolls Band Together age rating explained

The PG-13 rating means that those who are 13 and above will be able to see it no problem. Those under 13 will need parental guidance. The idea is that those eight and above will find it perfectly fine. Some younger viewers may not love it, although this is Trolls. Who doesn’t love the Trolls movies?

There is some suggestive humor throughout the movie, according to IMDb. That’s not surprising when you’ve seen the first two movies. There is going to be nothing different from them in terms of language, violence, nudity, etc. The humor is going to be on par with them, so if your children loved those movies, it’s going to be worth taking them to the theaters for this one.

This is a Universal Pictures movie, which means it will stream on Peacock after the theatrical release. It will then likely head to Netflix, similarly to The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Trolls Band Together is in theaters on Friday, Nov. 17.

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