3 movies like Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp to watch if your kids love the Netflix hit

Already watched the new Netflix flick? Here are three more movies to follow up with.
Woody Woodpecker Goes To Camp
Woody Woodpecker Goes To Camp /

Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp is a must-watch for those with young kids. In fact, it’s going to be great for the parents as well as the kids, as the flick brings back plenty of nostalgia for fans of the classic cartoons.

The movie follows Woody Woodpecker, of course. When he is kicked out of his forest, he finds Camp Woo Woo, a place that he thinks he can call his new home. The problem is that an inspector is threatening to close the camp down. Now Woody will need to find any option to keep the camp open, with a few humans on his side.

If you've already watched the live-action/animation hybrid, and are not sure what to watch next, we've got you covered. Obviously you can check out the 2017 Woody Woodpecker, which is the first movie in the series and available to rent on platforms like Prime Video. But we've got three more choices for you to check out.

Space Jam

The first place to start is Space Jam—and don’t forget to follow up with the sequel, Space Jam: A New Legacy. In the first movie, the good characters of Looney Toons need to win a basketball game to save their world against the villainous Mon-Stars. Of course, they need someone to help them, and who better than the great Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan gets pulled into a world of animation and crazy antics. All he wants is to get away from the game and try his hand at golf, but Bugs Bunny is not going to let that happen.

Where to watch: Space Jam isn't currently streaming free, but you can rent it on Prime Video for $3.79.


How about a fully animated movie where animals and humans work together for a common cause? Ratatouille is the one to put on (your head).

In this movie, Remy is a rat with a dream to become a world-famous chef. The problem is... He’s a rat. There is no way that he would be allowed in the kitchen. So, he finds a way to make his dreams come true with the help of a garbage boy, Linguini. What if he can channel his abilities through Linguini? Will he get the chance to become the chef he dreams of being?

Where to Stream: Disney+, of course

Brother Bear

An overlooked and underrated Disney movie that takes place in the woods? Brother Bear. This is a story of a man becoming a bear and needing to find the true meaning of life to change back. It’s a heartfelt story with some beautiful music by Phil Collins.

It all starts with a young Inuit man who kills a bear for absolutely no reason at all. That is not the way of his people, who kill to survive and not to hurt other animals. To teach him a lesson, the ancestors turn him into a bear, making his own people afraid of him. Fortunately, a bear cub can communicate with him. Can the bear cub give him the wisdom he needs to turn back into a human?

Where to Stream: Disney+

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