Madame Web parents guide: Why is the superhero movie rated PG-13?

Madame Web brings us another female-led superhero movie to check out. This is suitable for some children. Here's a breakdown of the PG-13 rating.
Cassandra Webb/Madame Web (Dakota Johnson) in Columbia Pictures’ MADAME WEB.
Cassandra Webb/Madame Web (Dakota Johnson) in Columbia Pictures’ MADAME WEB. /

The Spider-Man universe continues to grow. After Morbius and Venom, we now have the female superhero Madame Web.

Dakota Johnson plays Cassandra Webb, a paramedic who realizes that she’s clairvoyant. Of course, that leads to her needing to use her abilities wisely. When she learns that three young women are under threat from a mysterious adversary, she needs to do what she can to protect them.

Our vigilantes and superheroes don’t tend to come from the best of backgrounds, and that’s the case here. Cassandra has a dark past, and she needs to face that while saving the young women.

Why is Madame Web rated PG-13?

This movie is suitable for some children. It’s rated PG-13, which means that it is aimed at teenagers. However, those who are eight and older are likely to enjoy the movie and find it suitable for this. This is going to depend on your children, though. My eight-year-old may be on the fence when it comes to this one, but I know my tween would love it.

There is some violence in Madame Web, which is the main reason for the age rating. It’s a superhero movie. If your children have been able to sit through the violence in The Avengers or any of the DC movies, this one is going to be fine for them.

There is some mild language as well. Again, it’s a superhero movie. There’s nobody like Captain America calling people out for their decisions for their language use.

Some of the movie will have plot points that go over the heads of younger viewers. There is a lot of focus on psychological wounds, which isn’t always that interesting. The action makes up for it for those who enjoy that part rather than the mental elements to a character’s story.

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Madame Web is out in theaters on Wednesday, Feb. 14.