Barbie parent guide: What is the age rating and is it suitable for kids?

People go into a frenzy of looking like a Barbie
People go into a frenzy of looking like a Barbie / Anadolu Agency/GettyImages

Do you have a son or daughter that is constantly caught up in a Barbie and Ken frenzy? I know my daughters are constantly wanting to play with any kind of Barbie doll they can get their hands on. Actually they are constantly wanting to play with any doll they can get their hands on. And there are so many good movies in theatres and coming out in the coming months. But the Barbie movie is proving that just because a movie focuses on a child's toy, it doesn't mean that the movies primary audience is children. Actually, the consenus seems to be that the movie is mainly targeting a much older audience.

Much of the movie is focused on social commentary that adults will appreciate and will leave many with genuinely interesting things to think about society at large. When the movie first came out, parents rushed to the theatre only to quickly realize the movie may not be appropriate for small children. But how bad could a movie about America's most popular doll be?

The age rating for the movie is PG-13, so off of the bat many parents should think twice about bringing young viewers. That being said, PG-13 movies can have a wide range of content within them, and discretion should be used when deciding what might be best for your children.

Now that the movie is available to stream on Max, more people than ever can watch the flick. Read on for the rest of our parents guide!

The Barbie movie has themes likely not appropriate for young viewers.

The movie is likely okay for older more mature kids, but it is likely not appropriate for the youngest of viewers. Much of the social commentary that adults will find interesting will go over young kids heads, but there are small points of innuendo, language, and more adult themes. The biggest issue you might run into with young kids is the issues of death and existential crisis that emerge, something that many not be ready to talk with their young kids about.

Our suggestion? If your kids are ready to have in-depth conversations about death and are okay with some minor adult themes, then this movie should be just fine. Otherwise? Plan to watch another movie with your small child this summer.

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