The Creator parent guide: What is the age rating and is it suitable for kids?

The Creator is one of the movies out in theaters this weekend, and it could be the one to take older children to. What is The Creator age rating, and why is it set that way?
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There are some great movies out in theaters this weekend. If you’re looking for something for the younger kids, PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie is going to be the release for you. When it comes to the older kids, there is something else to check out. It’s all about The Creator.

The movie is set in the near future, in a world where AI and humans are in the middle of a big war against each other. An ex-special forces agent is tasked with finding the man behind the world of AI to take him down so that the humans can win.

Along the way, the special team finds out that the top AI is in the form of a child. Can they destroy it, keeping in mind that it’s a robot and not an actual person?

The Creator age rating

This movie is suitable for some younger members of the family. The Creator is officially rated PG-13. So, it is suitable for those over 13. For those younger, it depends on you as a parent. You may think that it’s going to be suitable for them, and that will depend on the maturity of your children. I know this would be great for my 11-year-old but not for my seven-year-old.

The Creator has been given the rating due to some of the violence throughout. There is also some moderate course language, but the type of language that you’re likely used to on TV shows. There is some mild nudity and some mild use of drugs as someone eases the pain they feel, but nothing that would be alarming to children.

The one to point out is the reports of a couple of mentions of the F-bomb. That could make you decide to keep this for your older teens and not your younger children.

The Creator is out in theaters on Friday, Sept. 29.