Wonka parent guide: Here's why is the movie rated PG

Wonka is the latest movie out in theaters, and it is suitable for all ages. Why does it have a PG rating?
Wonka, Warner Bros.
Wonka, Warner Bros. /

You know the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You know all about Willy Wonka and the Oompa Loopmas. At least, you know everything from what you’ve been told in the Roald Dahl books and the movies that have come out.

It’s time to see Wonka’s past. How did he meet the Oompa Loompas, and why did they agree to come with him to his chocolate factory? What exactly happened for the two to end up such close friends? That’s what we get to find out in the latest release, with Timothée Chalamet in the titular role.

This movie is rated PG, which means that it is suitable for all ages. However, not all ages will appreciate the movie. This could be something to watch with the tweens and teens in the theaters and then watch at home with younger children.

Why is Wonka rated PG?

The movie does have some scary moments. These are thematic, and if your children loved the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory from the 1970s and then the updated Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, then you’ll have an idea of the thematic elements to expect. They’ll be able to sit through the 2023 movie.

Nudity and violence are minimal. There is a little, but nothing that is inappropriate for younger ages. The same applies to language and drug use on the screen.

However, Willy Wonka is not the most sanest of characters. He’s a man who has seen a lot. He’s quirky and creative, as you know from other movies. So, this can lead to some questionable elements for the youngest members of the family.

This movie does bring some important social elements up within the story. There are messages about inclusivity, diversity, poverty, and so much more. Younger children aren’t exactly going to understand them, but the tweens and teens in your house definitely are. I’d say this is one for slightly older children, but there is still an element of magic that younger children will enjoy. They’ll just appreciate it more the older they get.

Wonka is now out in theaters.

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