Wish parent guide: Is the animated movie suitable for kids?

Just because a movie is animated doesn't mean it's for all ages. What about Wish? Is this for the whole family?

STARRING ROLE – In Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Wish,” sharp-witted idealist Asha (voice of
STARRING ROLE – In Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Wish,” sharp-witted idealist Asha (voice of /

Remember when Sausage Party came out? Many parents learned the hard way that not all animated movies are for the whole family. It’s important to check the age rating of any new animated movie, and that’s what you’re doing with Wish.

This animated movie brings a Latina lead character. Young Asha makes a wish that is so powerful that it leads to a boundless ball of energy called Star to come and help her. The two need to work together to save the city from King Magnifico.

Anna DeBoise voices Asha, while Chris Pine voices the villainous Magnifico. Alan Tudyk voices Valentino, Angelique Cabral is Queen Amaya.

Wish age rating

So, is this movie suitable for the whole family? It’s officially been given the age rating of PG, according to IMDb. This means that it is suitable for almost all ages. Some of the much younger kids may not be fully invested, but the movie is designed to be watched by all ages with something for everyone. When I say much younger, I’m talking toddlers and younger. If you’ve got children five and up, they’re going to enjoy this release.

There are some thematic scenes and there is some action. This is a Disney animated movie. If your kids love the likes of Moana and Frozen, they’re going to love this one. It’s got many of the same elements when it comes to storytelling and action.

A lot of other countries have age ratings of 6 and 7. This gives you a good idea as to who this movie is made for. Of course, just like so many other Disney movies, there are sure to be some adult jokes thrown in there that go over the heads of children. After all, Alan Tudyk and Chris Pine are part of this movie, and we’ve all seen their previous works!

Wish is out in theaters on Wednesday, Nov. 22.