Why Township is the perfect game to play with your children

I've started playing Township with my kids. Here's why it's such a great game for all ages.
Children Screen Time Rockets
Children Screen Time Rockets / Matt Cardy/GettyImages

We all hear that screentime is bad and that games teach us nothing. That’s not really the case. It all depends on the type of games played. I play Township with my kids all the time. It’s great fun, and it’s teaching them a few things about life.

Township is a fun little game that allows you to be the mayor of a town. You add homes and farms, and you grow crops and create produce. As you advance in the game, you add trains, planes, and ships to sell and receive goods.

This is a game for all ages. My eight-year-old enjoys feeding the cows, while my 11-year-old is learning all about money, the good and bad of capitalism, and simply looking after other people. Here’s why I love playing the game with them.

Children learn about helping others

As you make friends in the game and join co-ops, you have the chance to help other people out. Why would you want to give other people your crops and produce? Well, you gain money, experience, and other rewards for doing so.

You can also ask other people for help. If you help others, you’ll find they’re more likely to help you so you can send off your plane in time or fulfill the train needs to continue building your town.

This is a great chance to teach children about helping others. It feels good, and it comes back to you in the future, even if you don’t think it will.

Managing money and building wealth

It’s important to teach children how to manage their money. Township is a great way to do that. After all, you need coins to buy houses, community buildings, and more.

There are many ways to get money. It can be through fulfilling helicopter orders, or you can just sell the items that are in your barn. Then there are financial rewards for completing puzzles and even helping other people in the game. As people get low on funds, they need to figure out a way to build those funds back up if they want to continue building their town as they reach new levels.

Children quickly learn more about managing money and budgeting. Even an eight-year-old quickly learns that money definitely does not grow on trees. It’s helped in real life since playing.

Township teaches patience and consistency

Not everything is going to be done in a day. It takes time for crops to grow. In fact, some of the crops take 15 hours, and there isn’t a way to speed that time up. It’s a great way to teach children patience. After all, things take time in the real world but online seems to make things come sooner.

There are also lessons in consistency. If you want to grow your town, you need to fulfill orders or add items to the train. It’s important to keep new crops growing and products being made to ensure orders can be fulfilled quickly and that the plane doesn’t leave without everything. This is sure to help them in real life.

So, if you want to play just one online game with your children, turn to Township. There are many lessons to learn.