Why the Karate Kid movies are perfect for family movie night for all ages

For the next family movie night, you need to turn to the Karate Kid movies. There are so many great lessons for all ages to learn.
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There have been some excellent movie franchises throughout the years. One that remains a favorite is the Karate Kid franchise of movies.

When it comes to family movie night, these are the movies to put on. They offer so many great lessons for kids of all ages. Yes, there are some scarier moments, but overall, there’s nothing too gruesome for younger children. There is a lot of good that comes from them.

The Karate Kid movies are entertaining

If your children are anything like mine, you’ll know that a movie with a lot of dialogue is a no-go. Children want action. They want to be kept entertained. They don’t always understand everything that’s going on when characters talk too much.

The good thing about the Karate Kid movies is that they all have plenty of action. Whether it’s the build-up to the tournaments, the initial bullying, or the fun that various characters have, there is something going on.

They teach about respect and kindness

Daniel learns a lot in every single movie. Is he perfect? Not at all. He’s a realistic teenager, who thinks that he knows better but realizes that there is a lot to understand about life. One thing that he learns in every movie is respect and kindness go a long way.

You want your children to learn to be good people in life. Work through the movies as we watch Daniel figure out the best way to deal with bullying, how to give and receive respect, and even how to care for living things that don’t have a voice.

Children learn about issues of race and class

We see a lot of focus on race in movies and TV shows now. Well, there were movies that focused on that a little in the past, and the Karate Kid movies were among them.

Something that isn’t covered in great detail though is the issue of class. That’s the one that the Karate Kid movies really focus on with Johnny coming from a rich place—albeit with its problems—and Daniel coming from a poorer background. It’s important for children to learn that there is no value in class and race—everyone is worthy of respect and they all bring something to the table.

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The original Karate Kid movies are currently available to stream on STARZ.