Why Home Alone is a must-watch with the kids this holiday season

If you haven't introduced the kids to the Home Alone movies yet, 2023 is the year to do it. Don't let them miss out a minute longer.
HOME ALONE - Eight year old Kevin MacAllister (Macaulay Culkin) gets lost in the shuffle as his
HOME ALONE - Eight year old Kevin MacAllister (Macaulay Culkin) gets lost in the shuffle as his /

If you’re not sure about a holiday movie to put on for the kids, it’s time to look at some favorites of the past. Home Alone is a must.

This movie is almost 30 years old, but it remains a classic. It’s a timeless story of a boy having to protect his house from burglars while he has been left behind on a Christmas vacation—and not on purpose! It’s a dream of so many children, and this is a great way to show how a dream can quickly become a nightmare.

Children of all ages can appreciate the story. And yes, even adults can appreciate it after years of watching it as a kid. Here’s why it’s a must this year.

Home Alone teaches children about empathy

One of the storylines that is easily overlooked in all the fun is the empathy that Kevin gains as he watches the world around him. He thinks the old guy in the street is a scary monster to avoid because of things others have told him, but he’s actually a sweet man who has made mistakes in life. This man would love to make changes, and he becomes a supportive voice for Kevin’s growth as a character.

This whole storyline is about empathy. Kevin realizes that his own family issues are on a small scale compared to this man’s. He comes to love his family for its quirkiness, even if by the second movie, they’re all still arguing. That’s just human nature!

Children will learn resourcefulness

Okay, you probably don’t want children to learn to create traps with paint cans and bricks in their own homes. However, you want children to learn that anything can become useful if needed. Kevin creates some fun traps to protect his home from burglars.

This is a great lesson for children of all ages to learn. At the same time, the movie shows Kevin’s mother doing everything she can to get back to her son. The second movie is even better for this as she hitches a ride with strangers just to get to New York.

It’s just a fun movie from your past

We all want to be able to enjoy things from our past with our children. Look at the love for old-school TV shows and movies now. How many of you watch Star Wars and Buffy the Vampire Slayer with your kids? Well, it’s time to add Home Alone to the list.

This one is just for fun. It’s a great story of a boy who is home alone and thinks he has the dream vacation. There is humor for young and old throughout the franchise, and there’s no doubt that your kids will adore spending time with you watching it.

Watch Home Alone on Disney+.

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