What To Watch This Weekend With Kids And Family April 26-28, 2024: Knuckles, Spirited Away and more

Studio Ghibli Fest returns for another year.
Spirited Away - Studio Ghibli
Spirited Away - Studio Ghibli /

Another week, another lack of generally new things for kids and families to watch on streaming or in theaters. Still, there are a few highlights we can talk about including a streaming spinoff of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, a spinoff of The Sandman that is technically for adults but is relatively harmless for older kids, and an anime spinoff we love.

Plus, Studio Ghibli Fest 2024 is kicking off with a classic back in theaters, so let’s get into the rundown of what’s new to watch with kids and family this weekend.


Dead Boy Detectives

This Sandman spinoff focuses on two ghosts solving mysteries with a psychic. As we discussed in our parents guide for the series, despite the TV-MA rating there’s nothing really objectionable here for teens; and in fact, there’s plenty to enjoy if you like supernatural mystery shows.

Where to stream: Netflix


As we covered in our review, not only is the Sonic the Hedgehog spinoff series laugh-out-loud funny, it’s a perfect family watch even if you’ve never seen the films. Idris Elba stars as the titular warrior Echidna, while Adam Pally provides plenty of insanity as his human friend, Wade Whipple.

Where to stream: Paramount+


Spirited Away - Studio Ghibli Fest 2024

The annual celebration of the iconic studio returns with the classic Spirited Away back in select theaters, this weekend through May 1, 2024.

Spy x Family Code: White

We’ve already gone to bat for why Spy x Family is the perfect family watch, and now it’s in theaters with a non-canon holiday special that’s good for new fans and old.

Kung Fu Panda 4

This is still in theaters, somehow!

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