Under Paris parents guide: Teenagers may enjoy this shark attack flick

Ever since Jaws, there's been an attempt to bring shark horror to the screen. Or should we say, scream?
Under Paris - Netflix
Under Paris - Netflix /

The first rule of a shark horror is: do not get in the water. Of course, everyone breaks that rule in Under Paris, and it leads to a lot of casualties. But is this Parisian shark thriller one your kids will want to take a bite out of?

The latest Netflix thriller follows the story of a shark who adapts -- and the shark, named Lilith, finds a way to thrive in the catacombs of Paris.

It takes a crew of diver cops to get to the bottom of the situation, making sure Paris is safe once again. That’s not so easy when this shark is now able to have babies without the need for a male shark—and so are her babies! Oh la la!

Under Paris age rating: Why is the movie rated TV-MA?

This Netflix movie does have a TV-MA rating, but this could work for some older teenagers. There is some gore and violence, but it’s pretty standard for a movie that involves sharks. If you’ve seen any of the horror movies during Shark Week on Discovery, you’ll have an idea of what to expect.

Sex & nudity: The focus of this movie is about the sharks in the catacombs of Paris. There is no sex or nudity throughout the movie. The most you’ll get is some changing into the wetsuits for diving.

Language: There is some mild language, such as the S-word and the use of “Christ” and “damn.” The F-bomb isn’t dropped. It’s actually mild considering some of the violence shown throughout the movie.

Violence & gore: This is where the movie earns its TV-MA rating. There is violence from the start. A large shark attacks a group of divers, and we see the aftermath, an arm floating in the water. Our protagonist is then pulled deeper into the water by the shark, and we see the perforation of her ear drum.

Later on, there is a group of people in the catacombs of Paris. As the sharks in the water become more violent, people start to panic and we see a stampede happen. One girl is knocked unconscious into the water and we see her drown. There are also some graphic scenes of the sharks eating and tearing into people, with views of lost limbs throughout this scene.

Later on, we watch one diver attacked by a group of sharks. His body is briefly shown on the screen, but the scene jumps back to the threat of the other divers being surrounded by sharks.

There are a lot of jump scares throughout the movie -- but I have to say, the sometimes shoddy graphics fail to really make these jump scares realistic.

Alcohol & drugs: Considering the nature of the movie, there isn’t that much in the way of drinking and drug use. There is one scene where we see the main character take some pills and drink a beer with the pills. This is presumably a painkiller considering her injury three years earlier in the story.

Overall verdict: Who is Under Paris appropriate for?

This movie does have some jump scares and some shark violence. If you have children with weak stomachs, I’d keep them away from this one. However, I don’t think this is for 18+. I’d be more inclined to allow older teenagers to watch this movie. Most older teenagers are going to be fine with the level of gore within the movie, especially if they’ve watched the likes of Jaws.

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