THEM: The Scare parents guide: Be aware this Scare is too much for even some adults

Horror fans have waited three years for THEM: The Scare.
Pam Grier (Athena), Deborah Ayorinde (Dawn)
Pam Grier (Athena), Deborah Ayorinde (Dawn) /

Trust me when I say that I understand you want to dive right into THEM: The Scare. We’ve waited three years for the second season of this Prime Video anthology horror series.

However, this is not a series for the kids. You’ll want to put it on when they go to bed. And for some of you, you’ll want to put it on during the day when they’re at school. Keep the lights on if you’re afraid of things that go bump in the night. This is a violent horror series.

One of the things that THEM: Covenant and now THEM: The Scare does is make you think about just how safe your home really is. What happens when it’s not the sanctuary you think?

THEM: The Scare Parents Guide: The TV-MA Age Rating Explained

The official age rating for THEM Season 2 is TV-MA. There are a lot of reasons for that, but it really comes down to the horror that it put on the screen. This is one of those shows that will make you question all the noises you hear in your house and those flickering lights.

Nudity & sex: There isn’t that much when it comes to nudity and sex. There’s a moment where Deborah Ayorinde’s character, Dawn, is in the bath, but you only see the back of her. This series keeps the focus on the story, and there is no full-frontal nudity or even that much nudity at all.

Violence: This is where the series earns its TV-MA rating. If you watched THEM: Covenant, you’ll know what to expect. Series creator Little Marvin does not shy away from graphic violence. There’s a moment where a character is being beaten in the face with a shovel after being tortured. We see his limbs bent in different directions, and we can see the blood and the swelling on his face each time the shovel hits. The show opens with a woman stuffed in a cabinet under the sink with her body twisted in all different ways and an unnatural look of horror on her face.

Language: This show also doesn’t shy away from language. There are consistent uses of the F-bomb from various characters. The C-word wasn’t mentioned from what I heard.

Alcohol and drugs: There is a scene where we see a character making drugs in his own kitchen. There are also scenes of other characters smoking weed and drinking.

Overall verdict: Who is THEM: The Scare appropriate for?

This series is not for kids. There are even some adults who won’t be able to handle the level of violence that is shown—and that’s okay! If you stomached the first season, then I’d certainly tell you to give the second season a go. Those who love the level of violence in Saw will be fine with THEM. As for other folks? You might want to think twice before flipping this on.

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THEM: The Scare is now streaming on Prime Video.