The Santa Clauses parent guide: Who is this Disney+ series suitable for?

The Santa Clauses season 2 came to an enjoyable end. Is this something to sit and watch with the kids this Christmas?
The Santa Clauses on Disney+ Nov. 16.
The Santa Clauses on Disney+ Nov. 16. /

The Santa Clauses season 2 wrapped up the story with some enjoyable and laughable moments. It also brought an answer to a question fans have had since the very first season about Curtis, Bernard’s replacement. We won’t get into those spoilers just yet.

What you’ll want to know is whether the series is suitable for all members of the family. After all, you’ve likely sat down and watched The Santa Clause movie trilogy with the kids, and now you see that there’s a continuation through a series.

The series is on Disney+, which will give you a good idea as to whether it’s suitable for the kids or not. It is, but will It be something for all ages? Is this something to watch with just the older members of the family?

The Santa Clauses is a great watch for all ages

This is a PG-rated series. That’s not surprising considering the movies are rated that way too. It means that the series is specifically aimed at all ages in the family. Yes, children as young as five will be fully entertained.

Any younger than that and it may not quite keep the attention. There is certainly some action, but there’s not quite as much as say The Christmas Chronicles that will have toddlers cheering along with the good guys. The movies are great; the series not as much.

There is a lot of story development through conversations the characters are having. You’ll want to make sure your children are happy to sit through things like that to be able to take everything in.

The good news is there’s no violence, foul language, nudity, or anything like that that would make you steer away from it as a parent. You’ll want to watch The Santa Clause and the sequels before the TV series, though. The Santa Clauses is a continuation assuming that you’ve seen the movies, and there are some great Easter eggs throughout the series to connect back to the movies.

The Santa Clauses is available to stream on Disney+.

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