The Idea of You parents guide: Is this rom-com too sexy for kids?

Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine star in the Prime Video adaptation.
The Idea of You
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It's almost the weekend, and that means TV and movie lovers have a slew of new releases to start watching as soon as the clock hits 5:00. If you're anything like me, you always search for the latest titles added to streaming to watch on your days off, and if you have children around, you're also likely looking up the age ratings. Is the movie you really want to watch tonight appropriate for kids, or do you have to wait until you have a babysitter? Well, if that movie happens to be The Idea of You starring Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine on Amazon Prime Video, it definitely depends on how old your children are.

The Idea of You is an adaptation of the book of the same name written by Robinne Lee (partly inspired by Harry Styles fanfiction) following a 39-year-old mother named Solène who separated from her ex-husband a few years prior. During a trip to Coachella, Solène accidentally runs into one of the members of a popular boy band and sparks fly, very unexpectedly. Though the very famous Hayes Campbell is 24 years old, he and Solène have more in common than they would've imagined. Their romance and age gap are the central storyline of the movie as they navigate their new normal together.

The Idea of You is a sexy, light romantic comedy that reminds viewers a woman nearing her 40s is still very much entitled to her wants and needs. But is it too sexy for kids?

The Idea of You
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The Idea of You is rated R, but I'm kind of surprised by that

While there are sexy scenes and mature topics explored throughout The Idea of You, after watching it last night I was surprised to read it was rated R, not PG-13. It might be inspired by fanfic, but you won't find many explicit sex scenes you might see in other romantic films. Here's what apparently earns it the rating:

Profanity: There is profanity throughout The Idea of You, with at least one "F"-word said, along with the use of "d**k" and other curse words here and there. Solène's daughter talks about "d**k pics," also using the word "penis," and one of the other band members jokingly suggests having an orgy. Otherwise, the language is pretty tame.

Sex/Nudity: As mentioned, there are sexy scenes throughout The Idea of You, and it is suggested the two characters Solène and Hayes have sex multiple times. However, apart from some steamy making-out scenes and one nearly two-minute sex scene (without any nudity), it's pretty light in this department. The one sex scene mentioned is almost two minutes long, showing the two characters kissing heavily, and a hand is seen going down a skirt. There is a suggestion of an orgasm before they get on the bed and continue their kissing. They are seen undressing, but there is no actual nudity.

Drinking & Drugs: Characters drink alcohol in the movie but it's not a main plot point. As for drugs, there's none, though Solène's daughter asks if she's high off gummies in one scene because she's acting weird.

Violence: None

You can take a closer glimpse at The Idea of You with the official trailer here:

What age is appropriate to watch The Idea of You?

Considering all of this information, I would say teenagers aged 13 and up are probably good to watch The Idea of You. It's certainly not made for children, but the movie is pretty tame in all of the areas I mentioned, and it's incredibly easy to follow. The storyline itself is pretty repetitive (without giving away spoilers) and heavy-handed.

I would say that women in their 30s and older might appreciate The Idea of You more than other ages, considering the fact that it highlights a woman's romantic journey after a divorce as she's about to turn 40. Of course, however, viewers of any appropriate age can still enjoy it.

If you have a pre-teen in your house who wants to watch The Idea of You and you're unsure, you could always fast-forward through the one sex scene. To avoid the setup and scene altogether, it begins at the 54-minute mark and ends at the 57-minute mark. The two characters are still seen in bed at the 57-minute mark, but it quickly cuts to Hayes on the phone ordering room service.

If The Idea of You still seems a little too sexy for your kid, don't worry! There are plenty of other family-friendly movies to watch on Prime Video right now. I'd recommend Minions: The Rise of Gru and All Dogs Go to Heaven (a personal favorite of mine as a kid!) for children and The Other Zoey for preteens and teens.

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