The American Society of Magical Negroes parents guide: Will this movie be a magical time for the kids?

Justice Smith and David Alan Grier star in the Focus Features film about race and navigating relationships.
The American Society of Magical Negroes
The American Society of Magical Negroes /

Magical realism has made its way to the movies! The comedy film The American Society for Magical Negroes is now available to purchase on PVOD -- and if you're curious about the title now that you can watch it at home, we have you covered as to whether this will be a magical time with the family.

First things first... The title probably caused you to do a double take as the film prides itself on its social commentary, as it speaks to what life is like for Black Americans. The term, "magical Negro," is in reference to historical figures who were known to protect their race by pandering to White Americans. The contemporary interpretation of this trope is illustrated through Aren, a young, struggling sculpture artist who is simultaneously navigating his relationships with White people and being a biracial Black American.

Aren is portrayed by Justice Smith (Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves). After an altercation, he is saved by a mysterious man named Roger, who turns out to be a member of "The American Society of Magical Negroes." Roger recruits Aren to be assigned to a "white person" in order to make their life better. Roger is portrayed by comedian and actor David Alan Grier (The Color Purple).

Other key cast members include An-Li Bogan as Lizzie, comedian Drew Tarver as Jason, Aren's "assignment," Michaela Watkins as Masterson, Aisha Hinds as Gabbard, Tim Baltz as Officer Miller, Rupert Friend as Mick, and Nicole Byer as DeDe, the head of the Society. The film was directed and written by Kobi Libii (The Opposition with Jordan Klepper), produced by Sight Unseen and Juba Lane, and distributed by Focus Features

Given this movie has a PG-13 rating, and an eye-opening title... What does that mean for families who might want to watch it together? To find out, read on to get a breakdown on whether The American Society of Magical Negroes is safe for kids to watch!

The American Society of Magical Negroes Parents Guide: Explaining The PG-13 Rating

The film was given a PG-13 rating for "some strong language, suggestive material and thematic material." Below, you'll find a breakdown of what to expect when you watch the film!

Sex & Nudity: There isn’t much, if any sex in this film. There is a kissing scene and two of the lead characters are involved in a seemingly unspoken love triangle that gets figured out at the end of the movie.

Violence: There is a scene where one character is about to punch another character because he mistakenly believes that his girlfriend is being harassed. There is also a scene in which it looks like a cop is about to use force on the main characters but then decides against it.

Language: There is some cursing in this film and some suggestive innuendo references as well.

Drinking & Drugs: There are a few scenes where characters drink alcohol. Roger portrays a bartender at an art gallery. One character is seen in a drunken state and tries to get money out of an ATM unsuccessfully.

Overall verdict: What age is The American Society of Magical Negros appropriate for?

I would say that 13+ is the proper age range for this film. While it doesn't fully hit the mark story-wise, for those who are fans of offensive jokes, situations of stereotyping, and an unexpected love story, you may enjoy viewing this with your loved ones.

While this film is advertised as a straight comedy, due to the subplot of the lead character falling in love with his assignment's love interest, the film evolves into a romantic comedy.

The purpose of the film is to be a satirical look at what it means to be Black in America. The film's overall message is about how it is important to acknowledge race specifically impacts relationships and social behaviors. Kids are smart enough to know the difference between reality and fiction, but this film blends the two to make for a watchable experience with older teenagers.

The American Society of Magical Negroes is available to stream now on PVOD.

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