3 Thanksgiving movies to watch with the kids in 2023

Not everyone wants to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and the football. What about Thanksgiving movies to check out with the kids this year?
President Biden Pardons The National Turkey Ahead Of Thanksgiving Day
President Biden Pardons The National Turkey Ahead Of Thanksgiving Day / Win McNamee/GettyImages

Thanksgiving is a great time for the family to gather together. While you watch the Macy’s Parade and the football, your children are likely playing with toys. As they get older, they may even join in with the game on the TV.

But what about when you’re not a family that watches a lot of football? You’ll want to find something else to watch this year, and there are some great movies to check out with the whole family. Some of them may actually surprise you.

Start with Free Birds for this Thanksgiving

Every year, the President will pardon a turkey. Well, it’s time to watch a movie that starts off as that but ends up with that pardoned turkey heading to the past to the first ever Thanksgiving. Free Birds is a fun ride that focuses on the animals escaping from being the feast for the humans.

The aim of the turkeys is to get the species of the menu. How does it end? Well, you’ll want to check it out to find out.

Watch Free Birds on STARZ or buy the movie on Digital from Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, and more.

Go for The Addams Family Values for something different

What if you want something that isn’t quite focused on the holiday season? Well, The Addams Family is a family to check out. The Addams Family Values is the sequel that sees a new member of the family: Baby Pubert!

Wednesday and Pugsley end up at Camp Chippawa, where they put on a production about the First Thanksgiving. Well, Wednesday and her brother have a different idea of the play that should be shown. You know it’s trouble when Wednesday is given the role of Pocahontas!

Watch The Addams Family Values on Paramount+ or buy on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, and more.

Opt for the classic A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

When you have younger children, you’ll want something that works for them. Well, it’s all about A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. It’s a classic that you can’t get away from.

This one is cute and shows all about family and getting together for this holiday season. And yes, it has Charlie attempting and failing to kick a football. At least your younger members of the family don’t need to feel bad when they can’t do it too.

Check out this special on Apple TV+.