Teddy's Christmas parent guide: Is the Christmas movie suitable for kids?

Not all Christmas movies are made for children. What about Teddy's Christmas? Is this one for the whole family?
Teddy's Christmas movie
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We just have to look at Die Hard to know that not all Christmas movies are aimed at children. And yes, Die Hard is a Christmas movie! So, whenever something new comes out, you need to know if it’s something to take the kids to see. That’s the case for Teddy’s Christmas.

This Zachary Levi movie was released in theaters last month. It’s a cute release for the time of year, but is this to go on a date night for or is it something to take the kids to see? Shouldn’t something that involves talking teddy bears be for the kids? Well, you might want to double-check Ted to see how not all are aimed at all ages.

Teddy’s Christmas follows a young girl who sees a talking teddy bear at a fair as a prize. When someone else wins him, Mariann goes on a mission to get the toy that she wants.

Is Teddy’s Christmas for kids?

There is some great news for those looking for a Christmas movie for the whole family. Teddy’s Christmas is officially rated G in the United States.

This means that it is suitable for all ages. There is no violence, gore, language, drinking, or anything shown throughout the movie. Zachary Levi does voice the bear, which would suggest there could be some jokes for the adults, but nothing that has those setting the age ratings worried.

The production quality will certainly make you think of Christmas in Europe. There’s a European village sense to it, which makes sense. After all, it’s a Norwegian movie. There is a little bit of dubbing, but nothing that the kids will get confused about.

For now, the movie is only out in theaters. It’s not clear where it will stream after theaters in the United States, so, you’ll want to make this your theatrical release for the season with the whole family.

Teddy’s Christmas is only out in theaters right now.