Suncoast parents guide: Is the Hulu drama film okay for kids?

Is Suncoast worth streaming with the kids or will you want to skip this for family movie night?
UK Special Screening Of Searchlight Pictures' "Suncoast"
UK Special Screening Of Searchlight Pictures' "Suncoast" / Kate Green/GettyImages

The Laura Chinn-directed feature film Suncoast premiered at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival and stars Laura Linney (Ozark), Nico Parker (Reminiscence) and Woody Harrelson (Zombieland franchise). The movie is about the coming-of-age story of a woman dealing with her brother's terminal illness and forming an unusual friendship with an eccentric activist." The film had a limited release on February 2, 2024.

Now, the general public is able to stream the movie on Hulu which means that if you have a subscription, you can consider as an option to watch with friends, family, or even by yourself. Since you're reading The Parent Watch, the question on your mind is probably "Is Suncoast worth watching with the kids?" If that sounds like you, read on to find out why Suncoast was given an 'R' rating.

Suncoast Parents Guide: Explaining The R Rating

Sex & Nudity: The movie does employ some suggestive dialogue. Some scenes show teen characters in their underwear. The teens in this movie also say suggestive language that might be offensive to parents and young kids.

Violence/Scariness: Since the film deals with heavy topics such as terminal illness and death, viewers will see scenes in a hospital and hospice care. There is a boy who is in a vegetative state and over removing those tubes has prompted a national debate and protests (this is based on real events).

Language: Forewarning, there is some graphic language in this film. Characters are cursing and expletives are doled out constantly. That being said, that is definitely something to look out for if you plan to

Drinking & Drugs: Drugs are present in the film. When viewing, you'll see teens experiment with a variety of substances including alcohol and pills. Smoking is also seen as well. There are parties happening in the film where young teens are mixing alcohol and pills. Teens are seen with fake IDs in hand to get into a club.

Overall Verdict: What age is the movie Suncoast appropriate for?

Though this film does have some unsavory elements that may impact your viewing experience, the message behind the movie is that it showcases the value of caring about other people. While teen experimentation plays a big part in the film, Suncoast also smartly handles the topics with care. It also goes to show that you can't change people's behaviors or opinions just because you want them to and teaches kids about tolerance and empathy. With a parents' supervision, I believe this film is meant for kids 14 years of age and up. That means if your child is in high school, they should be able to handle the topics that are featured in this film.

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