10 St. Patrick's Day movies great for kids to stream right now

From Wolfwalkers to Riverdance, here are 10 movies you can stream right now for St. Patty's Day.
Wolfwalkers - credit: Apple TV+
Wolfwalkers - credit: Apple TV+ /
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1. The Secret of Kells

If you’re going to start anywhere, you have to start with The Secret of Kells, the first part of Tom Moore’s Irish folklore trilogy. The 75-minute long flick is based on the Book of Kells, and focuses on a young boy voiced by Brendan Gleeson who is recruited to complete a series of magical tasks once Vikings attack the monastery he works in. Gorgeously animated, this movie was nominated for Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards (though lost to Up).

Where to Stream: Available for rental on Apple, Prime Video, Fandango, etc.