10 St. Patrick's Day movies great for kids to stream right now

From Wolfwalkers to Riverdance, here are 10 movies you can stream right now for St. Patty's Day.
Wolfwalkers - credit: Apple TV+
Wolfwalkers - credit: Apple TV+ /
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St. Patrick’s Day is technically a religious holiday, but here in America we’ve mostly boiled it down to “green” and “Irish stuff.” Oh, and of course, “beer.” Which is perhaps culturally insensitive, but when it comes to the kids you may be racking your brains to think of anything to watch with them that isn’t, you know, the Leprechaun series.

Good news, that’s where we come in! While your horror-loving teens might want to revisit Jennifer Aniston’s iconic role in the original Leprechaun, and Star Wars fans will delight at Warwick Davis’s role as the titular Leprechaun in the series – we recommend Leprechaun 4: In Space or Leprechaun in the Hood for maximum insanity – sitting down with the fam to watch awful horror movies might not be how you want to spend your St. Patrick’s Day.

Instead, we’ve got a bevy of options for St. Patrick’s Day movies to stream right now for kids, from Riverdance: The Animated Adventure to classics like Darby O’Gill and the Little People, and everything in between. Scroll through our slideshow to check out all of our choices, as well as where you can stream them right now, so you can enjoy a pint of Guinness in peace.