Space Cadet parents guide: Emma Roberts stars in this out-of-this-world comedy

If you're looking for a fun movie to watch with the tweens and teens, turn to Prime Video's Space Cadet.
Rex (Emma Roberts) in SPACE CADET Photo Credit: Eric Liebowitz//Prime Video
Rex (Emma Roberts) in SPACE CADET Photo Credit: Eric Liebowitz//Prime Video /

Dream big and work hard to achieve those dreams. Those are among the lessons learned from Space Cadet on Prime Video.

Emma Roberts stars as a Florida woman, Rex, who dreams of going to space. Deciding that it’s time to do more than bartend and party, she puts in an application to the NASA Training Program. However, she puts in a “doctored” application, and now she needs to prove that she deserves to be there.

The movie is a great look how to dream big. Rex doesn’t go about things in all the right ways, but she also shows what it’s like to work as a team and support others in their dreams. It’s a great movie for tweens and teens, but is it suitable for them in terms of content?

Space Cadet is the perfect PG-13 movie

Space Cadet is officially rated PG-13. This suggests that it is aimed toward those 13 and over. It could work for those between eight and 12, but it’s best with parents around. You’ll want to watch this one with the kids to talk through the lessons Rex and her friends are teaching you. Let’s take a look at all the factors that make up this movie for the rating.

Sex & nudity: Despite Roberts playing a bartender, this movie isn’t filled with the sex and nudity that you would initially expect. There is a mention of one of her friends having an adult website and there are videos here and there of Rex dancing, but it’s just your typical party girl stuff.

Language: The language is very mild. There are no F-bombs, but there are a couple of mentions of the S-word. It’s not too often, though. A lot of focus is on the fun and the journey to becoming an astronaut.

Violence & gore: There is one scene where an ASCAN (Astronaut Candidate) starts to lose her composure while in a simulation. This leads to a bit of a fight between some of the characters. There’s no gore within it, and there is minimal violence. The worst is spraying water into another character’s face. The violence that is shown has a lot of comedy to it.

Alcohol & drugs: There is some mild use of alcohol. Remember that Rex is a bartender. However, the real drinking happens toward the middle of the movie when Rex and her fellow ASCANs head to a bar. It’s not glorified, with a lot of the focus being on Rex singing karaoke.

Overall verdict: Who is Space Cadet appropriate for?

This is a movie that is more than suitable for tweens and teens. It focuses on how someone can be much more than they initially appear to be. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big, but don’t fake your like to pursue that dream. Earn it!

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