Scoop parents guide: Netflix's movie about the Prince Andrew interview won't make headlines for your teens

Scoop on Netflix is certainly suitable for teenagers, but that doesn't mean they'll want to watch it.

You know the theories and the rumors, and now it’s time to see how a group of women got the scoop of a lifetime: Scoop on Netflix is a must-watch for those intrigued by the whole Prince Andrew saga. But if you're not? If you're, say, a teenager? Well... Maybe you won't want two scoops of these plump juicy raisins.

Scoop starts off with Sam McAlister (Billie Piper) looking for a worthy interview for Newsnight. She finds much more as it turns out that there is something to the News of the World photos that showed Prince Andrew (Rufus Sewell) and Jeffrey Epstein together.

And so starts a journey into learning more about the details. It also starts the journey of the BBC’s Emily Maitlis (Gillian Anderson) getting the interview of a lifetime—something to help set her conscience right after failing when it came to the Monica Lewinski news.

Scoop parents guide: Explaining the PG-13 age rating

The movie is suitable for teenagers when you consider the type of content on offer, though it earns that PG-13 rating. However, it can be a little dry for younger viewers. This is the type of movie that works for those who remember the Newsnight interview, those who have an interest in all the Jeffrey Epstein connections, and for those who like story-driven storytelling with little action and in-you-face drama.

Sex & nudity: Despite the movie being all about the scandal of Prince Andrew spending time with Jeffrey Epstein, there is no sex and nudity throughout this movie. This is focused on the story. It’s focused on three women working together to get the truth out. The tiniest bit of nudity comes toward the end when Prince Andrew steps out of the bath and you can see his naked back. It’s not done for shock and you don’t see too much.

However, there are references to child abuse, orgies, and underage sex. The journalists are trying to get to the bottom of Prince Andrew’s connection to Jeffrey Epstein and whether Prince Andrew knew about Epstein’s rape and sexual abuse of underage girls.

Violence: There isn’t any violence throughout the movie, either. The closest bit of “action” is right at the beginning as Jae Donnelly (Connor Swindells) is trying to get a photo of Prince Andrew with Jeffrey Epstein. The rest of the movie is focused on getting the information. It’s wholly story-driven.

Language: The worst of the language is “for Christ’s sake.” Other than that, there’s no language to be concerned about.

Alcohol & drug use: We see moments where characters are in bars and having a drink, but there is no shocking drug use or heavy drinking.

Overall verdict: Who is Scoop appropriate for?

In terms of the content that is shown, this is a Netflix movie that’s fine for teenagers to watch. The PG-13 rating is perfect. For a movie that is focused on Prince Andrew and Epstein, it’s mild when it comes to the shocking content, but that’s because it’s focused on the journalists, especially Sam McAlister.

The part where I’d say it doesn’t work for teenagers is just that it’s so heavily story-driven. A lot of teenagers want to see action and drama, and this movie doesn’t offer that. If you’ve seen The Post with Tom Hanks, then you’ll get an idea of what to expect in Scoop. If your teenagers are interested in this type of storytelling, watch it with them. None of you will be disappointed. If not, this is one scoop you'll want to skip.

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