Road House 2024 parents guide: The Jake Gyllenhaal remake earns its R rating

If you were tempted to put on Road House 2024 with the kids around, think again. This movie more than earns its R rating with its violence.

Road House
Credit: Laura Radford/Prime Video
Road House Credit: Laura Radford/Prime Video /

Whether or not you think the 2024 Road House remake now on Prime Video was needed, it’s here. And since it stars Jake Gyllenhaal, there’s no doubt you still want to watch it.

Like the original version of the movie, Road House on Prime Video follows a man named Dalton who is trying to get away from his past. While the Patrick Swayze version gave us a man skilled in martial arts, the Gyllenhaal version gives us a man with a UFC background. That certainly opens the door for UFC fighter Conor McGregor to show off his skills.

Dalton is a new security guard as a Florida Keys roadhouse. It’s supposed to be a quiet gig, but it turns into something much more dangerous when he ends up mixed up with a mob boss. Dalton has to turn to his UFC ways if he wants to survive.

Why Road House 2024 is not suitable for kids

This movie earns its R rating with the violence. Take a look at the breakdown of what to expect with a few teases to explain why you’ll want to watch this one once all the kids have gone to bed. That includes your teenagers.

Sex & nudity: There isn’t too much in the way of sex and nudity in the movie. There are times that a naked rear end of a man or two is on show, but it’s not in a sexual way. There is no intercourse shown on screen.

Violence & gore: This is where the movie earns its rating. Road House features a lot of fight scenes, and they can get graphic. There is a moment where a man is eaten by an alligator, and there is the visual of a man stuffed in an ice chest. Without major spoilers, there is one fight where you can see a man’s head bounce off a pavement, and there are multiple times dislocated joints are on screen.

Language: As you would expect with a movie full of violence, there are many moments of foul language. The F-bomb is used throughout the movie. I didn’t hear the C-bomb used, but this movie does get heavy with its name-calling.

Drinking & drugs: The movie is set in a roadhouse, so you can probably guess that there is some drinking involved. Drugs are discussed on the screen, but nobody is seen taking them. This is relatively mild for an action movie.

Overall verdict: Who is Road House 2024 appropriate for?

I’d keep this movie away from the younger eyes. Even older teenagers may find this one a little much, although if they do martial arts or boxing or any other fighting styles, they may appreciate some of the choreography. This is more focused on the shock factor than anything else, though.

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Road House 2024 is now available to stream on Prime Video.