PAW Patrol parent guide: Is there an age 'too young' to watch?

Those with children have certainly heard of the PAW Patrol. Now you need to know who this series is aimed at in terms of age.

Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie
Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie /

There are a lot of shows out there aimed at children. PAW Patrol is one of them. Of course, any parent will want to make sure that the series they put on is suitable for all the ages of children in their house.

Is there an age that’s “too young” for this show? After all, doesn’t it involve pups saving the day? Doesn’t that mean there’s some violence?

Well, there is some great news for parents of younger children. For the most part, Paw Patrol is G-rated, which means it’s suitable for all ages. The only part of the franchise to look out for is the latest movie, PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie. This is PG-rated, and let’s get into why.

Why is PAW Patrol mostly rated G?

For the most part, the series doesn’t have any violence. There are some scary moments, such as characters stuck on cliff edges or on a rooftop surrounded by animals or a growing problem in their business, but the scenes aren’t scary.

All the focus is on the pups using their tools to save the day. We see how each pup has a need throughout the series. Rubble is essential when it comes to anything involving construction and digging, while Marshall is handy with his ladder when he’s not falling over. Chase is the favorite, so you’ll always see the police dog out on the missions to help save the day.

There isn’t any language or gore in the series. Of course, it’s a show that’s about pups and a 10-year-old boy who runs the PAW Patrol, so you can tell that there isn’t any sexual content or language.

The series wants to teach children lessons about kindness and ways to save the day. There are lessons in doing the right thing, and how to remain calm in stressful situations. And there is plenty of humor throughout whether it’s Rubble choosing a nap while everyone else plays or Marshall literally tripping over his own paws and knocking everyone down.

Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie /

Why is PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie rated PG?

So, what’s the deal with the second movie? This has a few more thematic elements than the previous movie and the rest of the series. This could be on the scarier side for the younger children.

In this movie, the pups get actual powers. And yes, there are people and animals out there that want those powers, putting the pups at risk rather than them just out saving the day.

That being said, the creators know the audience well. There’s nothing overly scary, but it’s worth watching the movie with children younger than six or seven just for any questions they may have. Otherwise, this whole franchise is perfect for children of all ages.

Now try not to get the theme tune stuck in your head.

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PAW Patrol is available to stream on Paramount+.