Past Lives parents guide: Is the A24 romantic drama okay for kids?

This modern love story has already captured the hearts of many, but is it right to watch with the whole family?

PAST LIVES (2023) Courtesy of A24
PAST LIVES (2023) Courtesy of A24 /

The critically-acclaimed film Past Lives is now available to stream on Paramount+! For those who don't know about the film and want to know more, the movie follows a semi-autobiographical film written and directed by Celine Song. It follows two childhood friends over the course of 24 years while they contemplate the nature of their relationship as they grow apart.

The film stars Greta Lee as Nora Moon, Teo Yoo as Hae Sung, and John Magaro as Arthur, Nora's current boyfriend. Past Lives was produced by CJ ENM, Killer Films, and 2AM. It was relased in theaters domestically on Jun. 2, 2023 and has already received various accolades including five nominations at the 81st Golden Globe Awards and has received nominations for Best Original Screenplay and Best Picture for the 96th Academy Awards!

So, now that you know a little bit more about the film, it may sound like a film you want to watch right away and possibly with the rest of the family! If you want to know if Past Lives is okay for kids to watch, read on to find out!

Past Lives Parents Guide: Explaining The PG-13 Rating

Sex & Nudity: Since the film is centered around a love story, minor sensuality is shown in the film. The two lead characters used to be involved romantically when they were young. Nora and Arthur are seen in bed with each other but nothing obscene is shown. Arthur is seen in his underwear.

Violence: There is no violence associated with the lead characters in the film. There is some scenes involving soldiers carrying guns while marching in military training due to Hae Sung serving briefly in the military in Korea.

Language: Some name calling is heard. Strong language is in this film as well but nothing overly graphic or derogatory. Arguments occur and and angry feelings and emotions are shown. 

Drinking & Drugs: You will the characters drink alcohol at a bar in social settings and additional characters are seen drunk. Smoking is also present in the film through a few scenes too.

Overall Verdict: What Age Is Past Lives Appropriate For?

This movie is safe to watch for kids and young adults. While it's being described as a "date night" movie, you could say this film is a coming-of-age love story and deals with love and loss in a beautiful way. Nora is in an interpersonal and intercultural dilemma. While she displays characters of being in control, Hae Sung's presence throws her moral compass off as she reckons with her past while also dealing with her present relationship with Arthur. The lead characters are all respectful of each other while also showcasing strong emotions due to past memories and experiences. It's a film that definitely can be considered a tearjerker but like I previously mentioned, it's okay to watch with middle school-aged kids and up.

Past Lives is available to stream now on Paramount+. Keep up to date with The Parent Watch for more news, coverage, and opinions on family entertainment.