Parasyte: The Grey Parents Guide: The Netflix alien thriller will make your kids' heads explode

The new Netflix hit is decidedly not for the younger audience unless you want to explain tentacles bursting out of people's heads.
Parasyte: The Grey Cr. Cho Wonjin/Netflix © 2024
Parasyte: The Grey Cr. Cho Wonjin/Netflix © 2024 /

Alright, buckle up, dear parents, because we're about to dive into the world of Parasyte: The Grey, the show that’s a smorgasbord of sci-fi, horror, and a dash of "what on earth did I just watch?" It's the latest Netflix binge fest that’s got everyone talking, and before you let the young ones press play, here's the lowdown on what to expect.

Imagine a world where mysterious parasitic creatures crash-land on Earth. Instead of doing the polite thing and introducing themselves, they go on a human-hosting spree, transforming people into shapeshifters with a penchant for turning their heads into all sorts of tentacle-y nightmares. Sounds like a regular Tuesday, right? Our story revolves around Jeong Su-in, a cashier who begins to suspect she’s not alone in her own skin. And, as luck would have it, she’s right! She's got a parasitic squatter who gives her the power to morph her head into a weaponized noodle fest, but with the bonus of keeping her human smarts.

Humans are on the menu for these aliens, and they like their human snacks to be plentiful and fresh. They blend in by day and snack by night, congregating in what seems to be a church for a rather unconventional flock. Enter a petty thug named Seol Kang-woo, who stumbles into this mess while on the run, only to find his sister isn't quite herself anymore. Then, here comes the cavalry, aka "The Grey," a special task force with one mission: alien pest control. They're all about reminding everyone that once someone's a host, there's no going back. It's alien eviction time, by any means necessary.

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Parasyte: The Grey Parents Guide: Explaining The TV-MA Age Rating

Let me cut to the chase and save you some reading. Is this show kid-friendly?

In a word: Nope.

Let’s break it down:

Sex & Nudity: Chill, there's none. But there are some cheeky references floating around.

Violence & gore: This is definitely where the bulk of the TV-MA rating comes into play. If your kid thinks ketchup is too intense, this might not be for them. There’s a fair share of alien-induced carnage and head-tentacle action. If your idea of a family movie night includes heads turning into tentacles, then you’re all set. Otherwise, it might be time to reconsider.

Language: Let's just say, the characters aren't using their inside voices or choosing the nicest words. It's colorful language galore.

Drinking & Drugs: A casual puff here and there, but nothing to start a campaign about.

Parasyte 3
Parasyte: The Grey (L to R) Kim In-kwon as Kang Won-seock, Kwon Hae-hyo as Kim Chul-min in Parasyte: The Grey Cr. Cho Wonjin/Netflix © 2024 /

Overall Verdict: What Age Is Parasyte: The Grey Appropriate For?

Parasyte: The Grey is full of action, emotional damage, and some seriously questionable dietary choices by our alien guests. It’s packed with drama, unlikely heroes, and enough sci-fi squick to make you eye your fellow humans suspiciously.

This show is also absolutely not for young kinds. So, dear parental units, unless you're keen on explaining why someone's head just turned into a giant tentacle monster before bedtime, maybe save this one for after the kids hit the hay. Or, you know, until they're old enough to not hide under the bed at the mere mention of aliens.

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