Which Oscar-nominated movies are appropriate for children, and where to stream them in 2024

What’s right for the Academy Awards isn’t always right for families.
Barbie movie, Warner Bros.
Barbie movie, Warner Bros. /
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It’s almost time for Hollywood’s biggest night! And while the content of the Oscars ceremony might – mostly – be appropriate for families, assuming their bedtimes accommodate the long ceremony, the Oscar-nominated movies might not be.

We’ve covered a good chunk of this year’s Academy Award-nominated movies here on The Parent Watch thanks to parents guides. So if you’ve been reading regularly you may already have a fair idea of what is - and isn’t – appropriate for the kids in your life.

But in case you do have a movie nut who wants to cram in those final Best Picture nominees before the Oscars air on Sunday, March 10, here’s what you need to know about their appropriateness… And where to stream them.

Click on through our slideshow for all the info you need to know about the Oscar Best Picture nominees, what age range we recommend them for, and where to watch online free.