No Way Up parents guide: This underwater horror is not made for kids

No Way Up is another attempt to remind us how scary it is to be trapped underwater. It's rated R, and here's a look at why.
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If you’re looking for another claustrophobic horror movie, No Way Up is the release to turn to. Released in theaters and VOD on Feb. 16, 2024, this is one of those movies that initially went under the radar.

It comes from the minds behind 47 Meters Down, which gives you an idea of the type of story to expect. Instead of being in a cage surrounded by sharks, our main characters are in a plane that has crashed into water and is now at the bottom of an ocean. Yes, there are sharks.

Of course, there are a couple of things that the characters need to face. The first is the shark-infested waters, but the second is to actually get out of the plane before it lands at the bottom of the gorge. After a while, that metal isn’t going to withstand the pressure of the water and neither are the people.

Why is No Way Up rated R?

This is officially an R-rated movie in the United States, which means that it is not suitable for children. It’s worth noting that this horror movie is a 15 in the United Kingdom. So, older teenagers could find the material okay, but it’s definitely not for younger viewers. IMDb says the rating was given for language and grisly images.

This is not one of those movies with a lot of nudity and sexual scenes. The rating is given due to the suspense and the language. After all, we have a group of people who are focused on surviving. They just need to get out of the trouble that they’re in. There is going to be some harsh language as they figure things out, and it is an intense situation.

The movie hasn’t received the best reviews. This is one of those that could lose the attention of some of your older teens. They probably want a little more action in their movies rather than the suspense. This will depend on their personalities and interests.

It’s not something either of my two would enjoy. It’s probably something I would have put on at 16 just in the background while I did things or if I just wanted a movie where I didn’t really need to think much about. While it is R-rated, the overall verdict is that it’s probably suitable for older teens.

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