No Time To Spy: A Loud House Movie interview with Bentley Griffin

The star of the Loud House television series tells all about making the latest feature in the family franchise.
No Time to Spy: A The Loud House Movie - credit: Courtesy of Nickelodeon
No Time to Spy: A The Loud House Movie - credit: Courtesy of Nickelodeon /

Don't let the name fool you, there's always time for spies! The Nickelodeon film No Time to Spy: A Loud House Movie is out now on Paramount+, and airs later tonight on Nickelodeon. The film is the third addition to the franchise following The Loud House Movie and The Casagrandes Movie. The Loud House series first premiered in 2016 and is currently in its 8th season, which premiered on Jun. 10. The series follows Lincoln Loud, who is the only boy in a large family settled in Michigan. Along with his siblings, Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lincoln, Lucy, Lana, Lola, and Lisa (Notice a pattern here?), the family navigates typical family shenanigans that your own family may even get into themselves.

In No Time to Spy, Lincoln leads his family on the super spy mission of his dreams to save his Gran-Gran Myrtle as an old nemesis from her secret agent past appears. It's up to the Louds to save Myrtle and potentially the world. Seems like a big task but you'll have to watch and see if they can do it! So grab your little ones and big ones too because it's about to get loud!

We were able to sit down with Bentley Griffin aka the voice of Lincoln Loud to learn more about his experience working on the film. He also shared his love of the series. Griffin dives deep into his excitement for voicing the character, his favorite moments from the series, and what he'd do if he were a spy in real life! Read on for the full conversation with the young actor.

The Parent Watch: What do you find most exciting about voicing Lincoln?

Bentley Griffin: It's truly exciting just to be a part of The Loud House and the family of actors, crew, and fans that love it.  Lincoln is such a wonderfully amusing character to portray. His storylines are always full of adventure, which makes voicing him so much fun. I love being a part of bringing his silly antics, charm, and humor to life with my voice. I feel very fortunate to have Lincoln as such a special part of my own life story.  It's always exciting to be a part of what is happening next for Lincoln and the Loud family, and this new movie is something I can't wait to finally see along with everyone else!

Do you find that you have any characteristics that are similar to Lincoln?

Well, I think we both try to find clever ways to solve problems. They may not always be the perfect ways, but we have good intentions. I think we both are creative, have a great sense of imagination, and try to have fun by bringing people together with our humor. He's a good friend, and I try to be a good friend as well. I can definitely relate to his having to figure out how to navigate middle school. Lincoln and the show taught me a few ways to traverse these crazy years. There have been times where I've watched an episode and said, "Hey, that happened to me before!" or "Oh gosh, I hope that never happens!"

We all know the Louds are the most perfectly chaotic families currently on TV. What have you learned through watching the episodes of the show, and what's the best part about being a part of the Loud 'family' of voice-over actors?

I have learned a lot from every episode of The Loud House. Sometimes I think I would love to have a huge family of 10 sisters, and then I think maybe it's best that I only have one little brother because, in real life, that can be chaotic enough some days. Whether an episode is about family or friends, I have learned a bit about both from the show. I've learned that families and friendships are all different, but the goal is to find love and patience along the way, no matter what. The best part of being a part of the Loud House family is working with the amazing cast and crew. We are like our own big family, and they are all so fun and great to work with. I've always felt supported by each of them, and I'm proud of my time as Lincoln amongst all the other amazing actors. 

What was your first reaction to hearing about No Time to Spy: A Loud House Movie being made?

If you happen to follow me on Instagram, then you may know that just last summer I visited the Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. It was one of my favorite places to visit! I have loved reading spy books since I was really little, and I just recently finished "A Dangerous Year," about a high school student who becomes a spy. I hope it becomes a TV show soon! So, when I heard that the new Loud House movie was going to be spy-themed, I was really, really excited! I loved it and had the best time pretending to be a spy through the life of Lincoln! It was so fun!!!

What are your favorite moments from any of the episodes of the previous seasons?

There is something I love about almost every episode. "Save Royal Woods" is still one of my favorites because it was my first recording as Lincoln, it was a lot of fun getting to do all the singing, and the whole story of saving the town was really special. One of my other favorites is "Road Trip," because in my real life, my family loves a road trip! In fact, in the weeks prior to that episode airing, we did our own road trip and took silly photos of my Lincoln Loud-stuffed character all along the way to post on Instagram. It was really funny, and people stopped us and laughed at the crazy photos we kept arranging for him. Another of my favorites was "Schooled" because I loved the catchy song from that episode that Asher sang as Lincoln plus all the other funny things that happened to Lincoln and his friends in that show. It made me wonder a lot about what middle school was really going to be like. 

For kids, parents, and families who have never seen The Loud House and want to know more about it, what would YOU say makes the series so exciting to watch?

Every episode, I would say, is full of excitement! It's a humorous show full of stories and sometimes songs about a loud family and their friends, who always solve a problem in the most entertaining way! They come together to help each other, no matter how crazy things get! I always love how things work out in the end. Simply put, with 10 sisters and one brother in the middle who is always up to something, what could go wrong!?

Fun question! Since No Time to Spy: A Loud House Movie is a spy adventure themed movie, have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a spy in real life and would you accept a spy mission if offered?

Yes totally! I think that that would be so cool to do even if it got a little dangerous. Would I get to drive a cool car, jump out of a plane, or pretend I am someone else!? I am ready! If there is anyone in the CIA out there, sign me up! 

No Time to Spy: A Loud House Movie is out now on Paramount+!

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