The Bluey drought is over: Special “The Sign,” and a new episode to premiere this April

Get all the info on when the new episodes of Bluey debuty on Disney+.
Bluey "Ghostbasket" - credit: Disney+
Bluey "Ghostbasket" - credit: Disney+ /

Outlander has its Droughtlander. But you know what’s worse than that? The Blought, aka the drought that comes when your kids (and you) are demanding new episodes of Bluey be broadcast ASAP. Good news, then… Disney, the BBC, and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC - no, the other one) have finally announced the premiere dates for the first-ever Bluey special episode, as well as another brand-new episode.

The ex-Blue-sion will begin on Sunday, April 7 with the debut of “Ghostbasket,” a brand-new regular length episode of Bluey. That will lead into the debut of “The Sign,” a 28-minute long special, on Sunday April 14, 2024.

The episodes will air on ABC Kids in Australia before rolling out globally the same day on Disney+, according to the press release. However, with - for example - “The Sign'' premiering at 8 am in Australia on April 14, that would actually set them as debuting the day before in America, aka around 5:30 pm ET on April 13. The Parent Watch has reached out to confirm what times the new episodes of Bluey will debut on Disney+.

While the press release provided by Disney was a little light on details, we do know that both episodes are written by series creator Joe Brumm, directed by Richard Jeffrey, and produced by Ludo Studio. We also know for sure that 35 new minutes of Bluey over two weeks is not nearly enough to hold off the “when will there be new episodes of Bluey?” questions from starting again.

In case you’re not familiar, though, Bluey follows the daily adventures of a dog named Bluey, “a loveable and inexhaustible Blue Heeler dog who lives with her Mum, Dad and little sister, Bingo.”

And the show is a monster hit. It was the number one series for preschoolers and kids, as well as the number two most-streamed show of 2023, according to Nielsen. Let that sink in: of all shows streamed, Bluey was number two. And that’s comparing a show with 7-minute-long episodes to shows with 45-60 minute episodes – and Nielsen measures by minutes. Wild.

The better news for families? Beyond the aforementioned episodes, 10 episodes that previously premiered on Disney+ last month will air on Disney Channel and Disney Junior from March 25-April 5. So while your kids may have already watched them, oh, say, 1000 times, you can pretend they’re new and get a delightful seven minutes of absolute peace.

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