My Adventures with Superman returns for Season 2 – and brings on Supergirl?

The Adult Swim cult hit reveals the Season 2 premiere date, and trailer.
My Adventures with Superman on Max
My Adventures with Superman on Max /

My Adventures with Superman is a fantastic new all-ages, anime version of the Man of Steel’s adventures. And if you missed the first season, now is a great time to catch up as Season 2 will officially premiere on Saturday, May 25, 2024, at midnight ET/PT on Adult Swim.

In the series, we’re focusing on a younger, just starting out Superman (voiced by Jack Quaid) who is learning to use his powers along with fellow Daily Planet interns Jimmy Olsen (Ishmel Sahid) and Lois Lane (Alice Lee). The first season brought on some wild villains, a multiverse of Lois Lanes, and ended with an epic battle – and Jimmy becoming rich.

Now, Season 1 is almost here and it looks like they’ll have to reckon with some returning baddies, as well as the threat of a younger, non-bald Lex Luthor. Oh, and that’s when it looks like Supergirl shows up, as well.

Here’s the official synopsis for Season 2, per a press release from Adult Swim provided to The Parent Watch:

In the latest season, the three best friends face a host of new threats. Powerful foes will emerge from Clark’s alien past, Amanda Waller will take aim at Superman, Lois will grapple with the future, and Jimmy Olsen will spend an unbelievable amount of money. Krypton is coming for our young heroes, and its arrival will test their strength, loyalty, and love like never before.

The new season will premiere with two episodes, followed by one episode every Saturday thereafter. New episodes stream Sundays on Max.

My Adventures With Superman is executive produced by Sam Register. Jake Wyatt and Brendan Clogher are co-executive producers and showrunners. Josie Campbell is co-producer.

Watch the new trailer, below, which features plenty of fights, tights, and a little bit of romance if you're into that sort of thing.

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