‘My Adventures With Superman’ Producers Tease What to Expect From Supergirl: “It’s This Question… of Identity”

Co-producer Josie Campbell and Co-EP Jake Wyatt explain what the Maid of Might brings to the mix.
My Adventures With Superman - credit: WBD
My Adventures With Superman - credit: WBD /

My Adventures With Superman is back, and this season Superman isn’t alone. As fans learned in the first two episodes that premiered last night on Adult Swim, there’s a second Kryptonian… Supergirl has arrived.

Or, she will arrive, later in the season. In the first two episodes, Clark (Jack Quaid) finally is able to talk to his father, Jor-El, and discovers that along with Kal-El (aka Clark) getting sent to Earth as a baby, Kara Zor-El was, as well.

We don’t get to meet her in the Season 2 premiere episodes, but she’s coming, and has already been glimpsed in the season’s trailer. So what, if anything, can we expect from the arrival of Supergirl?

“I mean, I'll say, and it's not a spoiler, I got to write the episode that introduces her, which was so fun and, boy, it goes all over the place, man,” Co-Producer Josie Campbell told The Parent Watch. “Thematically it ties into a lot of Clark's arc, honestly, where it's this question, especially in season one, of identity. That identity theme comes back really strong for Krypton and Supergirl and everything that Clark's going through. I also think part of it is that theme that we elucidated in season one, but is still going to continue to play Clark, which is like, are you who you choose to be or are you what your people have made you? Nature versus nurture, what is more important? Clark is continually trying to say that it's what we choose that matters and we're going to see his resolve on that get tested this season.”

While Clark assumed the Kryptonians were an invading force in Season 1 of the series, early in the premiere he discovered that other than him and Supergirl, Krypton is dead. Viewers know this isn’t true, and there is in fact an invading force on the way – one that is most likely led by the villain known as Brainiac, which is also (not coincidentally) the name of the AI running the otherwise empty Kryptonian ships.

So will Kara and Clark team up to stop Brainiac, or will the Man of Steel’s cousin be working for his enemies?

“So much of season one is about these characters finding family in each other,” added Co-Executive Producer Jake Wyatt. “Kara not only tests that, but also they find new reserves of love and strength within themselves for and with her. I think that's going to be really cool to see.”

You can see it for yourself as the season continues.

My Adventures With Superman Season 2 airs Saturdays at midnight ET/PT on Adult Swim, and streams the next day on Max.

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