Música parents guide: Rudy Mancuso’s new Amazon rom-com is music to your family’s ears

Riverdale’s Camila Mendes also stars in the musical romance.

Rudy Mancuso and Camila Mendes in Música - credit: Courtesy of Prime
Rudy Mancuso and Camila Mendes in Música - credit: Courtesy of Prime /

Música is a brand new movie now on Prime Video from YouTube star Rudy Mancuso. Known for his puppet-filled channel, the flick has music, romance, and Riverdale star Camila Mendes, so there’s a good chance your teens are going to be interested. But will this film be music to your family’s ears? Or does it strike the wrong tone?

The plot of the movie is pretty simple and pulled directly from Mancuso’s real life. He stars as, well, himself, a man who has a form of synesthesia that causes him to see music everywhere. This causes some serious problems with both his relationships, and his job prospects because it’s, you know: extremely distracting.

After his girlfriend Haley (Francesca Reale) breaks up with him, Mancuso meets Isabella (Mendes), who works at a fishmonger and is way more settled in her life than Mancuso. Though he likes her a lot, his talking puppet Diego convinces him to date both women, which, as you can imagine, causes things to come crashing down.

Other characters include Mancuso’s real-life mother and a hilarious food truck owner played by J.B. Smoove.

Música Parents Guide: Explaining The PG-13 Rating

Música is rated PG-13 for some strong language, suggestive references, and brief violence. But does it earn that rating?

Sex & Nudity: There’s no nudity in the movie, and relatively speaking it’s pretty chaste. Rudy kisses a few girls, and one girl tries to kiss him and grabs his leg suggestively. But that’s pretty much it. Despite dating two women, at the end of the night, Mancuso returns to his own bed in his mother’s house.

Violence: Spoiler here, but in one of the more hilarious scenes in the movie, while on a date with Isabella, Rudy gets shot. I know that doesn’t sound funny, but it is? That’s pretty much the extent of the violence, other than some implied violence in a flashback scene to Rudy’s childhood.

Language: Some extremely mild language throughout. I might have missed it, but I don’t even think I clocked an F-bomb.

Drinking & Drugs: Rudy gets pretty drunk in one scene, and then follows it up at a party with Smoove’s character who gets him even more wasted. Again, it’s mostly played for laughs, but there is drinking in the movie.

Overall Verdict: What Age Is Música Appropriate For?

Música is mostly a sweet, earnest movie with some great dancing and music, and solid lesson about focus that might be good for your kids to hear. Not my kids. My kids are so focused, it’s awesome all the time. I love it.

But seriously, it earns the PG-13 rating just because it is about folks grappling with growing up. There are some implications of abuse in Rudy’s past, and explaining that synesthesia is a real thing might complicate the discussion for some viewers. There’s also one scene that head-on deals with racism, but frankly, all kids should probably be aware of the casual racism folks face.

With some truly excellent musical numbers, a fun puppet, and engaging performances from Mendes and Mancuso in particular, this is something you could probably watch with the 10 and ups in your life. Younger than that could be fine as well, just for bright colors and fun music sequences? Honestly, this is probably a great rom-com for the whole family. And that’s Música to your ears.

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