Monsters at Work returns for another season of scares -- but on a new channel

The Monsters, Inc. spinoff is back! Boo! But actually, yay!

If you're looking for a show that has a license to use scare tactics on your kids, you've come to the right place! Disney's Monsters at Works series returns tonight for its second season, this time on Disney Channel and Disney XD instead of Disney+. Time to break out the scare-o-meter!

Monsters at Work is a television series based on the 2001 Pixar animated film Monsters Inc. It starred two monsters, Sully (voiced by John Goodman) and Mike (voiced by Billy Crystal), who worked at Monsters, Incorporated, a company that harnessed children's screams to power the city, Monstropolis. After the movie became the third highest-grossing film of 2001, a 2013 prequel film titled Monsters University followed, also garnering equally impressive success. This led to the creation of Monsters at Work, a series that continues where Monsters Inc. left off, after the arrest of Monsters Inc's evil and power-hungry CEO Henry J. Waternoose III.

Monsters at Work sees the return of Goodman and Crystal as they reprise their voice roles as Sully and Mike; with the addition of a new leading character, Tylor Tuskmon (voiced by Ben Feldman). Tuskmon is a graduate of Monsters University and is looking to make a name for himself after being offered a job at Monsters Inc. After scaring is discovered to no longer be needed, the former Scare Major gets assigned to work as a mechanic on the Monsters Inc. Facilities Team (MIFT) much to his chagrin. He then meets a colorful collection of friends and employees who show him the ins and outs of Monsters Inc., and he starts to learn to love his new job.

What makes the second season of Monsters at Work such an event is that the season 1 finale aired on Sept. 1, 2021. It's been two and a half years since the show released new episodes, so there's a lot to catch up on! Not only that, Disney Channel and Disney XD are airing two episodes tonight. The first is called '"A Monstrous Homecoming," as the monsters are celebrating homecoming week at Monsters University. The second, "The C.R.E.E.P. Show" brings back Mike and Sully for the titular show, whatever that is. Season 2 will also see Tylor's position at Monsters Inc. be put in jeopardy when he gets a job offer Fear Co., Monsters Inc.'s rival.

In addition to the series regulars, you'll get to hear the voice work of Nathan Fillion (Guardians of the Galaxy) as Johnny Worthington III, Aubrey Plaza (Scott Pilgrim Takes Off) as Claire Wheeler, Jennifer Tilly (Chucky) as Celia Mae, John Ratzenberger (Inside Out 2) as Bernard Tuskmon, Aisha Tyler (Archer) as Millie Tuskmon, and Jenifer Lewis (The Princess and the Frog) as Grandma Tuskmon.

You can check out the new episodes tonight at 8 pm ET / PT, and 8:25 pm ET / PT on Disney Channel, and Disney XD.

When will Monsters at Work Season 2 stream on Disney+? Monsters at Work Season 2 streaming release date:

Versus the first season, which streamed on Disney+, the second season of the show is airing weekly on Disney Channel, so you may be concerned if you're more of a streaming viewer. Don't worry! If you're a loyal Disney+ subscriber, Monsters at Work will still be available to stream after it airs on the network. You will just have to wait a while as the show won't make its way to streaming until May 5.

Before that, two episodes will air per week on Disney Channel, kicking off with today's "A Monstrous Homecoming" and "The C.R.E.E.P. Show," and continuing with two episodes a week through April 27, for a total of eight episodes. All eight episodes should subsequently stream on Disney+.

Check out the trailer for season 2 on Disney Channel's official YouTube channel:

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