Masters of the Air parents guide: Why is the Apple series rated TV-MA?

Masters of the Air is a look at World War II through the eyes of the 100th Bomb Group. Is this a series to watch with children despite being rated TV-MA?
Masters of the Air on Apple TV+
Masters of the Air on Apple TV+ /

It’s important not to allow the true story of World War II to disappear in history. Masters of the Air is a chance to bring up more real stories of those who fought and died.

This is from those who brought us Band of Brothers and The Pacific, both of which were raw and real stories from the past. They didn’t shy away from the realities of war, and we can expect the same with Masters of the Air.

As of right now, two episodes are available to stream on Apple TV+. Is this something to watch with the kids? It’s going to depend on your kids and the types of shows and movies you allow them to watch.

Masters of the Air TV-MA age rating explained

The series, like the previous shows mentioned, is rated TV-MA. This means that it is aimed at those 18 and over. However, Argentina and Brazil have rated the series 16, so it does suggest that the episodes could be suitable for older children.

There isn’t much revealed about the level of gore, violence, language, and more in this series. We can look at Band of Brothers to get an idea, though. After all, this is by the same people. The aim of this series is the same as Band of Brothers, to give us a clear and true look at what the men who fought on the Front faced.

In Masters of the Air, the series follows the 100th Bomb Group. These were the airmen who flew over Nazi Germany, taking the War to Hitler’s doorstep. There were planes that were shot down by the Nazis. There will be explosions, dismemberment, and death. You will see a lot of blood and graphic scenes.

There is also some language to expect. Band of Brothers and The Pacific were full of F-bombs. They used the language of the time, so we’re looking at swear words from the 1940s. Some of them won’t have the same level of meaning now, but those words are still there.

If your children have sat through Band of Brothers or The Pacific and not felt like the scenes were too intense or frightening, then this could be a good follow-on series for them. This is going to be on you as a parent. It’s not something I’m putting on for my younger children, but it is something I would have felt comfortable watching at the age of 16. I watched a lot of Wartime shows and movies at that age, as well as graphic horror!

I'd say Masters of the Air could work for 16+ pretty well, but use your judgment for your children. I think it is important for older teenagers and young adults to watch as schools hold back on teaching about the Holocaust now.

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Masters of the Air airs Fridays on Apple TV+.