Lost parents guide: Your teens might like this island adventure

The ABC sci-fi series landed on Netflix's July catalog, but can you enjoy it with your kids?
Lost Premiere On The Beach
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Lost is one of the best shows in TV history, and rightfully so. The survival sci-fi series aired on ABC from 2004 through 2010, explored the depths of the human conscience and delivered powerful storylines that still resonate today. Twenty years after its debut, Lost still mystifies its fans, and now, it will catch flight with new ones. As a Lost fan, the show constantly intrigued me with how people used simple acts of cooperation and teamwork to survive beyond comprehension and seek out the mysteries of the isolated island.

After years of being removed from Netflix's catalog, Lost returned to the streamer on July 1. The arrival made the Lost fandom overjoyed to relive the show's mystique. As great as it is as a show with its talented cast, scenery, and trying to untangle its storylines, is Lost recommended for kids, and what is the "safe" age to watch?

Lost Parents Guide: Why teens could invest themselves in the series

While Lost aired on the family-orientated ABC network for six seasons, it still carried mature content unsuitable for a young audience. Hence why it was given a TV-14 rating both by ABC and Netflix. If you decide to watch Lost with your older kids, it might be worth having open discussions surrounding the events and the characters' actions. Now, let's take a peek at why the show was given the TV-14 rating.

Sex & nudity: Throughout the entire series, relationships and triangles between multiple characters occur. Although no intercourse is actually shown onscreen, it can be implied that sex does happen due to the intense passionate kissing, and sometimes, lewd language.

Language: Both American and British general profanity is used consistently, and in an early season in the Netflix version, the F-bomb was dropped once, though ABC didn't use it when originally aired.

Violence and gore: As Lost is a survival and sci-fi series, you can be guaranteed that there'll be violence and bloody scenes. In the pilot, a horrific and traumatizing plane crash occurs, with aftereffects such as a person getting sucked by the engine and being killed. In another instance, the pilot is killed by an unidentified source. Then, you'll have your course of "survival" violence in all six seasons, and depictions and beliefs of suicide. The deaths reached an astronomical number, ranging from drowning, infection, injury, suicide, or murder.

Alcohol & drugs: There is drug use and alcohol consumption, such as heroin and oxycontin use in the first and second seasons. A few of the plane crash survivors are alcoholics, and addiction is evident throughout the series.

Overall verdict: What age is Lost appropriate for?

Lost will be great for the teens 14 years and up to watch, since it has plenty of action and "ships" to explore. However, a pre-warning should be given regarding the violence prior to viewing, but other than that, the series is engaging, and finding out the mysteries of the island

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