Loot parents guide: Will Maya Rudolph's Apple TV+ series steal your kids' hearts?

SNL alum Maya Rudolph returns for the second season of this workplace comedy.
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Loot Image. Image Credit to Apple TV+. /

Can good things happen when a billionaire divorcée drunkenly decides to start a well-meaning non-profit? You'll have to find out yourself when you watch the Apple TV+ comedy series Loot, which has returned to the small screen for its second season!

Loot first premiered on Jun. 24, 2022, to positive reviews. Prior to the season 1 finale being released on Aug. 12, 2022, Apple greenlit the series for a second season, which premiered today with two new episodes. The season 2 finale will be released on May 29, 2024.

The series follows the newly single Molly Wells. When her billionaire ex-husband divorced her, it made her "the third-wealthiest woman in the world." After going on an off-the-rails worldwide celebratory bender, she realizes that she needs to use her money wisely and returns to oversee the day-to-day of a charitable foundation that she forgot she founded.

The cast includes Maya Rudolph (Human Resources) as Wells, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez (Transformers: Rise of the Beasts) as Sofia, the director of Molly's foundation, Joel Kim Booster (iCarly) as Wells' assistant Nicholas, Ron Funches (Trolls: TrollsTopia) as Molly's cousin and the foundation's IT specialist Howard, and Nat Faxon (Yes Day) as the foundation's accountant, Arthur.

Does this sound like a show that you're interested in but unsure if the family will like it? If you want to know more about Loot and why it's rated TV-MA, read on to find out!

Loot parents guide: Explaining the TV-MA rating

The official age rating is TV-MA. Off the bat, you can assume that there are some elements that kids under the age of 17 may not understand or you'd want to expose them too. Since the show is also considered a dark comedy, you can see where this is going.

Sex & nudity: There are jokes, references, and innuendo in regard to relationships and sex. It's a comedy geared towards adults and many of the characters featured are middle-aged, so they've gone through some things in their life. If you are watching with your kids, they should be prepared to hear some not-so-proper jokes and language. That said, Apple TV+ generally avoids nudity, so they're just jokes -- no raunchy sex scenes.

Violence & gore: No violence or gore is present in the series. It's not a show that would bring about that type of behavior either but if that is something you are concerned about, you won't find it in Loot.

Language: As mentioned above, there's a reason that the show is rated TV-MA. Profanity is used quite frequently in this show. Multiple uses of the "f" word, "s-word," references to genitalia and more can be heard.

Alcohol & drugs: The adult characters in the series do drink. Expect to see alcohol and drug use in the show. The lead character goes on a "bender" aka over consumes alcohol once she inherits the money from her ex-husband so that is emphasized in the show.

Overall verdict: Who is Loot appropriate for?

I'd say ages 17+ for this show are recommended to watch. The comedy skews more adult, meaning that this is a good show to watch with your older teens and college-aged kids. There are some positive themes in the series such as evolving as a human being through personal growth, teamwork, discovering how to apply activism to your life, and discussions of wealth, greed, and financial mismanagement. The characters in the series also make mistakes constantly and have to suffer the consequences of their actions. This is also a solid lesson that can impact both older teens and adults... As long as you don't care about the cursing.

Loot is available to stream on Apple TV+

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