Jim Henson Idea Man trailer takes us into his magical and inspirational world

You know Sesame Street and The Muppets. Now it's time to head into the magical mind of Jim Henson with Disney+'s Jim Henson Idea Man.
Jim Henson Idea Man Key Art
Jim Henson Idea Man Key Art /

It’s hard to imagine what the world would have been like without Jim Henson. It would have meant no Sesame Street and no Dark Crystal. Can we imagine TV without them? We certainly wouldn’t have ended up with some of the other shows and movies that developed purely because Henson encouraged people to dream.

And now, Disney+ is bringing a documentary looking into Jim Henson’s life as a creator, a father, and a storyteller. Get ready for Jim Henson Idea Man.

While you know all about the likes of The Muppets and The Labyrinth, what do you know of the man behind it all? You’ve seen the odd interview, but now it’s time to really go back into how he got started, how he pushed us all to dream, but how it all affected his family. After all, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows behind the scenes.

Jim Henson Idea Man trailer: Watch here

The trailer for Jim Henson Idea Man is now available to watch, and it gives us a beautiful look at what this Ron Howard-directed documentary is all about.

This documentary isn’t just about looking back at Henson’s work. It’s about looking back at who he was as a creator. This is a chance to explore how his mind worked, how the characters came out, and all the magic he brought into the world through storytelling. At the same time, we take a darker look at what the fame and fortune were doing to him.

There are only so many hours in the day. We like to talk about work-life balance now, but not everyone has that. Just based on the trailer alone, it sounds like Henson didn’t quite have that, although if you talk to any creative that’s because the brain doesn’t quite switch off. What did it mean for his family, a family that continues to help the brand grow even today?

Take a look at the trailer for Jim Henson Idea Man and get ready for this inspirational and honest documentary:

Award-winning director Ron Howard directed the documentary with the full participation of the Henson family. This is a chance to look back at never-before-seen home movies, Henson’s personal diaries, and interviews with the people who knew him the best. There are even photographs and sketches that people have never seen, giving us a chance to see just how much more Henson had to give to the world as he never stopped creating and dreaming.

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Jim Henson Idea Man is available to stream on Disney+ on Friday, May 31.