Jack Quaid vs. David Corenswet: ‘My Adventures With Superman’s Cast and Crew Settles Who Would Win a Fight

Honestly they’d probably just go out for ice cream.
My Adventures with Superman on Max
My Adventures with Superman on Max /

My Adventures with Superman, an anime-inspired take on the Man of Steel, finally returns to Adult Swim and Max (formerly HBO Max) for Season 2, with two episodes premiering on May 25. And one big thing has changed since season one aired in 2023… David Corenswet has been cast as the live-action Superman in James Gunn’s Superman movie.

So naturally, when The Parent Watch chatted with the cast and crew of the animated series in advance of the Season 2 premiere, we had to ask who would win in a fight… Jack Quaid’s Superman from My Adventures with Superman, or David Corenswet’s Superman?

“We would honestly just probably hug and catch up over coffee,” Quaid said with a laugh. “I actually know David, we did a pilot together years ago that did not get picked up for series, but I remember meeting him. And he's a guy that you meet and you're like, ‘Oh yeah, whenever they need a new Superman that's probably going to be you.’ He's perfect for the role. He's going to absolutely crush it. And they would probably both do the Superman thing, which is we don't need to resort to violence. We're both Superman.”

That 2017 pilot, by the way, is titled The Tap, and predates shows like The Boys (for Quaid) and Hollywood and The Politician (for Corenswet). While it’s interesting to think about what might have been if the show had gone forward – it also starred Riverdale’s Erinn Westbrook, James Naughton, Jessica Hecht and more – we’re here now, and these two The Tap veterans both tapped in as Clark Kent’s superhero alter-ego.

“It would end In a cordial draw, I think,” continued Quaid.

However, some other folks involved in the show were less magnanimous than Quaid. Alice Lee, who plays the voice of Lois Lane, was team Adventures all the way. “I'm biased. I'm going to say our Superman is going to win,” Lee said, before continuing by chanting, “Jack, Jack, Jack.”

“I’ll text [Corenswet] right now,” Quaid answered, again laughing.

The behind-the-scenes crew was even more definitive. Co-Executive Producer Jake Wyatt noted that, “Here's the thing, I have to see the movie, but our Superman doesn't lose.”

“He just gets stronger each time,” chimed in Co-Producer Josie Campbell, before Wyatt continued that, “He just gets stronger. He's got that shonen energy. It's like there's the Naruto-Goku thing.”

But even the producers agreed that ultimately, you’re not going to see one Superman win against the other. “If Corenswet's a real Superman, then they're going to be buds. They're going to win together,” Wyatt added.

Said Campbell, “If it's the same Superman that we're doing, they trade some blows and then they'd realize, ‘We have so much more in common,’ and then they're probably lecturing Lois about not stealing and recycling.”

Perhaps of note, your faithful interviewer agreed with this assessment, adding that even when the question was written down the actual answer is probably “they’d go get ice cream together.”

“Ice cream is way better,” said Quaid. “Ice cream is way better than coffee. Clark does not need to be caffeinated.”

Quipped Wyatt, “[Two] very sweet men who are excited to meet one another.”

My Adventures With Superman Season 2 premieres Saturday, May 25, at midnight ET/PT on Adult Swim, and streams the next day on Max.

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