Immaculate parents guide: Why the R-rated Sydney Sweeney-starrer is not okay for kids

Sydney Sweeney stars as a nun living in a remote convent in the Italian countryside

Sydney Sweeney in Immaculate - Courtesy of Neon
Sydney Sweeney in Immaculate - Courtesy of Neon /

The indie psychological horror film, Immaculate, is out now in theaters starting Mar. 22. It already seems like it is ready to make its mark with audiences, as it goes up against supernatural comedy film, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. With that being said, is Immaculate right for your whole family to watch together? Read on to learn more about the movie before you head to the theater.

Immaculate stars Sydney Sweeney (Madame Web) as Ceclia, Álvaro Morte (The Wheel of Time) as Father Sal Tedeschi, Benedetta Porcaroli as Sister Gwen, Dora Romano as Mother Superior, Giorgio Colangeli as Cardinal Franco Merola, and Simona Tabasco (The White Lotus) as Sister Mary.

Immaculate follows Cecilia, has recently turned to the Catholic faith and is invited to reside at a picturesque Italian convent. Though as she learns that she is pregnant, her life becomes a nightmare as she realizes the convent she is staying at has a dark past and even darker present. The film is written by Andrew Lobell and directed by Michael Mohan. The film is being produced by Black Bear Pictures, Fifty-Fifty Films, and Middle Child Pictures and distributed by Neon.

Now that you know more about the film, will this nun-led story be considered 'nunsense' to families nationwide? If you want to learn more about Immaculate and the film's R-rating, read on to find out!

Immaculate Parents Guide: Explaining The R Rating

Sex & Nudity: There are scenes in the movie where nuns are seen in showers and baths. Though they are never completely nude and are wearing transparent white robes. A character is seen nude while being forced to clean themselves but there is no overly graphic/sexual nudity in the film.

Violence: This movie is chocked-full of violence. Blood and gore are the core of this film's ethos. This also includes frequent jump scares and and religious-centric horror scenes. There is a scene that involves suicide in the film as well and is discussed in detail. There are fetuses seen in the film as well. The lea character tries to fake a miscarriage using a dead chicken. A woman is seen as she falls to her death.

Language: A couple curse words are heard in the film including the 'F' word

Drinking & Drugs: Characters are seen smoking in the film.

Overall Verdict: What Age Is Immaculate Appropriate For?

This movie is made for ages 17+ and up. This movie is R-rated and definitely isn't appropriate for kids. This film may seem like your average possession film but there are many different elements that may be offensive to young viewers. If you are sensitive about religious horror, you may want to skip out on this one. The topics in this film definitely lean more towards adult audiences as well. For people who aren't familiar with this specific genre, they may walk into the theater shocked by what they see. I wouldn't recommend bringing young children to see this, but as always, it is up to parents to decide what's best for their family!

What are your thoughts? Are you still taking your family to see Immaculate? Keep up to date with The Parent Watch for more family entertainment news and coverage!

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