IF is streaming "free" on Paramount+ this week

The family film hits the streaming service on July 9.
IF key art - credit: Paramount+
IF key art - credit: Paramount+ /

If you’ve been waiting for John Krasinski’s IF to head to "free" streaming… You’re in luck. The hit family film is heading to Paramount+ extremely soon. Specifically, Tuesday, July 9, 2024.

Yep, that’s tomorrow (as of this publishing), so if you have Paramount+ in US and Canada, you can start watching the flick as early as tomorrow morning, as long as you have a Paramount+ account. Other countries that have Paramount+ will have to wait a bit, though. Per PR provided to The Parent Watch, those release dates will be announced at a later date.

If you’re not familiar with IF, the movie stars The Walking Dead’s Cailey Fleming, Ryan Reynolds and Krasinski in the story of a young girl who discovers that imaginary friends are real. And not only are they real, but she needs to help lost ones unite with new humans, so they can do the whole “friend” thing and not just be imaginary. Because if they don’t have friends, they disappear. The movie also includes a bevy of stars doing voices for the imaginary friends, including Steve Carell, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and many, many more.

That’s the short version, but parents should be warned that this isn’t all fantastical adventure… There’s also a ton of sadness throughout the movie, as Krasinski’s character deals with a mysterious illness, and secrets are revealed that change pretty much the whole premise of the flick. Point being, it seems like a goofy fun time for the fam, but you may (actually, will) end up crying by the end of the movie.

While IF didn’t initially destroy at the box office despite opening at number one, it’s been a steady performer for the past few months, and per the release from Paramount+ has made more than “$185 million worldwide and counting.”

The movie is written and directed by Krasinski, and is “rated PG for thematic elements and mild language.” New movies and shows usually debut on Paramount+ at 3 am ET / Midnight PT, but if you are up with your kids at that time (for whatever reason) and don’t see the movie, just refresh your browser and try again. Also maybe try to get some more sleep, just a hot tip.

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