Fantastic Mr. Fox is the perfect way to introduce your kids to the Ocean's movies

It's heist thrillers 101!
"Fantastic Mr. Fox" New York Premiere
"Fantastic Mr. Fox" New York Premiere / Jim Spellman/GettyImages

Fantastic Mr. Fox is now on Disney+ and Hulu, and it’s a must-watch with the kids. And not only is it entertaining, but it's a great way to get your kids into heist movies -- specifically the Ocean's series, thanks to George Clooney taking the lead as the titular fox.

But that's not the only part of our intricate plan to get your kids to fall in love with hesity thrillers. Follow on as we explain why Fantastic Mr. Fox will steal all of their hearts at the same time.

Delve into a world of twisty plots and revenge

Fantastic Mr. Fox sees a family of foxes forced out of their underground home all due to the actions of one Mr. Fox. Now faced with human opposition, Mr. Fox and his family need to figure out a way to survive.

Of course, they can’t just run away and hide somewhere else underground. They want to get their revenge on the humans, despite this all starting because Mr. Fox raided the human neighbor and brought chaos to his home. That means setting up intricate revenge plots, which is very much at the heart of the Ocean's movies.

We get to see Mr. Fox’s way of thinking as it happens. We hear about the plots that he crafts, and there’s a chance to see how they may or may not work. It’s not on the same level as the Ocean's movies, but it’s a great start to that form of storytelling.

You find yourself rooting for the antiheroes

We know Mr. Fox isn’t exactly the hero of the story. He breaks his promise to his wife and raids the chickens at his human neighbor’s farm. He ends up facing the consequences of his actions, but you still want to root for these foxes to win against the humans. After all, there are innocent foxes in the family who you want to see survive.

It teaches children that people (and animals) aren’t all black and white. With the Ocean's movies, you find yourself rooting for these thieves who you would, in real life, want to see caught. Yet, they’re going up against a worse person, so you want to see the antiheroes win.

There’s a lot for children to learn when it comes to the way of life in Fantastic Mr. Fox, and those lessons continue in the Ocean's movies. Plus, the stories are entertaining and joyful, all while leaving you wondering if the protagonists are even going to make it through to the end. So, if you’re ready to head into the world of Danny Ocean and his team with the kids, start off with Fantastic Mr. Fox on Disney+ and Hulu.

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