Doctor Who is the perfect show to get kids into sci-fi

If you're looking for a way to get your kids into sci-fi, it's time to turn to Doctor Who.
Doctor Who (David Tennant) in the 60th anniversary specials.
Doctor Who (David Tennant) in the 60th anniversary specials. /

As parents, we want to spend quality time with our kids. That can involve watching shows and movies together, and if you're a sci-fi enthusiast, you're going to want to get your kids into the genre. While it brings some great adventures, kids aren’t necessarily going to be into it right away. You need to find the right show to get them excited about sci-fi, and Doctor Who is that show.

Doctor Who is all about space adventures, time travel, and mystical forces at work. We see a character who routinely changes faces, and a switch of companions now and then as they go on fantastic adventures with The Doctor.

You can start with the classic series, but I’d recommend starting with NuWho -- which started in 2005 -- for the kids. Then you’ll want to head back to the beginning in the 1960s. Here’s what makes Doctor Who perfect for the kids to get them into sci-fi.

The Doctor takes us on many adventures

There is never a dull day in the world of Doctor Who. The Doctor takes us on multiple adventures throughout the series. Whether you want to show kids the different worlds that sci-fi can create or you want to bring in the fantastical element of time travel, you’re covered with this series.

Kids need something that is exciting and fun. They need something that keeps them engaged. You want to find something that has them guessing, laughing, and cheering. Sometimes, they need to be scared. The episodes don’t disappoint in any of those factors.

One of the best things is watching children try to work out the mysteries and discussing the different aliens and other creatures met along the way. Kids feel like they're part of the story, encouraging them to watch more—not just of the show, but of sci-fi shows as a whole.

Doctor Who is all about the creatures and aliens

There are different alien species throughout the series. Your kids will likely have already seen the Daleks, even if it’s just on posters. They are the most iconic creatures in Doctor Who. Then there are the Cybermen, the Ood, the Silence, the Weeping Angels, and so many more.

Some of these creatures are scary. Others are just exciting and strange. This series will pull children in with all the different aliens and stories, giving them a look at what the sci-fi genre is really about. After all, sci-fi can cover technology, alien planets, and even traveling to the past to fix issues.

Doctor Who is sure to have kids wanting to see more of the universe and the best way to get that is through other shows and movies. They'll start to ask "what's next" to continue their adventure.

Doctor Who was originally a kid’s show. Now it’s something that the whole family can watch together. It’s a fantastic and inclusive series that is sure to get the kids more into sci-fi (and even fantasy!).

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