Doctor Who parents guide: The Disney+ series is wibbly-wobbly fun for the whole family

It's time to reenter the TARDIS and go on a journey with a new version of The Doctor.
The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) in Doctor Who.
The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) in Doctor Who. /

The time has come for another time and space-traveling adventure: The Doctor and his companion are back in a new season of Doctor Who, this time on Disney+.

Ncuti Gatwa from Sex Education and Barbie is our new The Doctor, and this one comes with a twist. The 60th Anniversary Specials brought in the exciting new mythology of bi-generation instead of straight regeneration. The Doctor has literally been split in two, and Fifteen is ready for a new adventure to save Earth and other planets from whatever comes to destroy them.

Millie Gibson takes on the role of Ruby Sunday, the companion for this season. Ruby has a mystery surrounding her. All Ruby thinks is that it involves her birth mother, but The Doctor seems to think there is something more, and he’s ready to find out who she is.

So is this new Doctor Who right for your family?

Doctor Who parents guide: Explaining the TV-PG age rating

Doctor Who has always been a family show. While there are some scary moments, this series is about fun and fantasy. We head out on adventures with The Doctor through time and space. The Doctor always wins, and sometimes just with his trusty Sonic screwdriver. This season brings back more color and campy fun that the series has always been known for, and it’s a perfect way to introduce kids to your favorite sci-fi series.

Sex and Nudity: There is zero nudity in this series at all. In fact, this series focuses on some of the amazing and bright costumes, especially this season which sees The Doctor with an afro and Ruby becoming an alien thanks to the Butterfly Effect! There is no sex in the series, either. It can be implied but nothing is shown.

Language: There is absolutely no harsh language at all. The most you’ll hear is possibly “damn” and “hell,” but even those words are kept to a minimum. This has always been a BBC series, which was focused on family-friendly programming. Now it’s Disney internationally, which means its even more accessible for all ages.

Violence: There are some fight scenes now and then, but The Doctor doesn’t like violence. He hates guns, and he doesn’t want to see the destruction of species. His focus is on finding a more peaceful way of doing things. There are some frightening scenes now and then and there are discussions of death, but there is no heavy violence shown on screen.

Alcohol and drugs: There may be times that you’ll see characters drinking if they’re in a bar, but alcohol and drugs aren’t shown all that often in the series. They are only included if they are a genuine part of the storyline, but most of the time, the storylines are focused on aliens, monsters, and other fantastical things attacking the Earth and other planets.

Overall verdict: Who is Doctor Who appropriate for?

Grab the popcorn and sit down with the whole family for Doctor Who. This is a series for absolutely all ages. It’s time to go on adventures. Once you’ve watched the new season, your kids will be ready to enter the previous adventures from the last 60 years.

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